Friday, February 11, 2011

Saturday's Artist

The Story:

As I was looking through my art and craft tutorials for something to put up on Friday's Nature Table at The Magic Onions (I love Friday's Nature Table!) , I was bemoaning that some of my favorite crafts or projects don't exactly qualify as "natural". Or can be sat upon the table. :)

And then I visited another place that I had never been, Natural Suburbia, and that was really fun, too, but I wasn't sure if just "a day of creativity" exactly fit in with the theme there, as it seemed to be more growed-up stuff.

The Solution:
I'm creating a space for everyone and anyone to link to their favorite creative endeavor of the week.

It doesn't matter if the original idea wasn't yours - as long as you really loved the process, and love the creation.
Something that fed your spirit.
An outstanding photograph.
A day of mad painting.
A new yarn discovered that has sparked something fabulous for you.

No need to write a special post, just put in a link on Saturday's Artist to your sparkliest Create! day.

The post can be a tutorial, if you like.
It can be an art project that you did with your babes.
You can link to a post that includes fine sidewalk chalk art.
Or cakes! Or candles! Or ingenious lego creations! Or sculptures or videos or nature art or whatever you dreamed up.

It only has to be your favorite Create! of the week.

what was your favorite this week?

Hopefully we'll find out tomorrow....


  1. What a great idea! This might actually get me blogging again! I have several posts planned...I've just been too lazy to post.

  2. Sounds great. See ya back here tomorrow.

  3. LOVE this!!!!

  4. Love this! I am just finishing a birthday gift for my nephew & was planning to feature it in tomorrow's post, so the timing is perfect. :)

  5. I have mine ready to go! Super excited :)

  6. We'll go live at 7pm Friday evenings, so we'll be on time for Australian and European friends.

  7. Ah....this is why I believe we are all connected in this extraordinary, living, breathing world.....I literally walked down the stairs this morning with close to this VERY idea in my head....the idea of a link where a creative project was displayed, something special and hand-made....and I thought, I'm not sure I'm ready to create a linky button right now...but I sure would like there to be one....

    And here you are and here it is!

    It was like your idea was trembling on some invisible wire, on its own frequency, happily vibrating. And I heard it/felt it before I read it here. True! And I thought, "Of course. OF COURSE. There you are, right where you're meant to be."

    I love your idea, Stephanie. Thank you so much, for sending your dreams out on the wire. :)

  8. Helena Love, you always make me smile. :)

  9. *LOVE* I will be reading regularly!

  10. I am so excited to see what others post!


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