Monday, February 28, 2011

monday : in the thick of it

clay bowl



cool math games


finishing (other) the sugar eggs

starting the clay eggs

(it's been like two weeks now of trying, now, but it seems like seventy-hundred months.... soon, hopefully....)


more clay

which is really code name for "Alien Space Creature With Wings On His Head"
-or some such thing, I forget what it's called-

and "Oohhh, right through the heart!"...

more tatts. :)

'puter games

time with Dad.

the daily Artly Pursuits.

issuing invitations to dinner (to Grammie).
"Whaaaa?", then, "I dunno even what we're having for dinner, Madd...."

guess we'd best get on that...

we're doin' alright.
glass of microbrew at Mama's elbow.

larder stocked,
icebox filled with fruit-licious goodliness,
(crave, crave, crave, this time of year)
TALL library stack,
sunshine (at 5:37 pm and for the First Time Today hmmph)
crafty cupboards overly-filled

and love
and love abounds.

and dinner is planned.
we'll say that's Good Enough, shall we?

Let's do.


  1. I love these posts of snapshots into your days. It inspires me because I always feel like I need a "theme" to each post. Those tattoos look fun. Egg crafting!

  2. I agree with Amber. I always feel like I am suppose to post a well written narrative, but I like the quick bullet points that way it is documented so as not to be forgotten, but not really a chore.

    And your posts are always inspiring :)

  3. What was for dinner?....eggs?...xo

  4. Love the eggs, Stephanie! It looks so cosy in there. I want to go in, like a reverse Genie in a Bottle. I'd set myself up with a comfy couch and books, maybe some sweet music. I'd have a pillow with the softest cover; I'd be warm. And when I was done resting, I'd come out to the fine goodness of the day, eyes bright.

    Ah. Thank you for the gift of your photos and words, for creating more Beautiful for me to wander through!

  5. Last year we made the sugar eggs. I think we may need to try the clay ones this year. Sunshines will be here soon. Enjoy the darker days a bit longer.

  6. Ah yes, time for the bright Spring eggs! Isn't a little more sunshine everyday the most encouraging thing???

    You've got a happy, creative and busy bunch :)


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