Monday, February 07, 2011

life on monday

how nice it is to not be in a life that is full of monday morning crazy-busy obligations.
mondays are often busy for us, of course, but that is just the way of things... we can go or stay, race or piddle, puddle or huddle as we choose.
and we do.

the dad went skiing.

the son took the pup for a walk.  (he's taken on that chore with a certain gladness and joy.)

the gril and her mama made button valentines.

we've spun wool that's filled with lots of earthy colors - auburn, greens, rusty browns and coppery oranges.  'twill be beautiful on the newest friend's head, i think.  hair that looks and feels like warm, breathing earth.

trevelyn has reacquainted himself with his greatest love-- prehistory.  people talk about children being in a "dinosaur stage", and i just nod, and smile, as he's been in this "stage" since he was a year old.  truly, deeply, madly.  probably a good twenty-five feet of our sixty foot timeline is dedicated to the Hadeon Eon through the beginning of the Cenozoic, so there you have it.  our priorities are clear.

maddie and her dad had marathon paper airplane tosses and games.

we read some about George today - i tried, i really did.  somehow it was rather grueling in my head, and i thought what was coming out my mouth was blahblah, blah blah blah blah... felt it was prudent to put it away, today.

so we got out The Princess Bride, instead.
today we got to find out that Count Rugen was dun dun duuuuuuun... the six-fingered man!!
trev was astounded.  and thrilled.  again.  'tis a very thrilling book, you know.

maddie made gumbo.
(well - she took her daddy's gumbo out of the freezer and cooked it herself.)

she's being the traffic cop, now... she's made a stop sign and taped it to a yardstick, and is governing the house with her shouts of "Stop!"  and "Go...."

the winds have stopped, and the snow is falling softly, now.

that's pretty much how it's been, today.

and easy...

there isn't anyone or anything that can tell us any different,
so we'll just have the day the way we want it.
'tis as it should be, yes?


  1. I love traffic cop Maddie. She and Isaac would get on pretty well, I imagine. He's loving traffic stuff. Did you ever see his Halloween costume? (On the blog...or FB) We are often told "red light...yellow light." Makes moving around the house a little slow going, if you know what I mean. Good times though, of course. Always.
    Sending much love xoxo

  2. I blink and I miss FIVE whole posts! With photos so lovely and extraordinary they take my breath away.
    And now I want to know what camera you have so I can covet, yes, covet it with all my heart! (Which is NOT to say that the brilliance lies in your camera. That would be so silly! You have the eye—no matter what—for beauty, Stephanie)

    I love the idea of you going or staying, piddling, puddling or othering… because wherever you go, and whatever you do, magic follows.

    Thank you. Just that. :)

  3. Hi Helena.
    I have the Canon SX10is - it's a high-end point and shoot, sort of end-of-the-line before the slr's. I don't have thousands for cameras and lenses, so it's a good choice for me. But someday! :)

  4. ps - the two new versions of it (they come out with a new one every year, in October) are the SX20is and the SX30is. Those are both available, while the 10 isn't, really - too ancient. ;)

  5. I like a mix of the whirlwind days with the slower puttering ones....
    today is a slow one with some baking, sewing and reading on the agenda.

    Isn't is great Trev can really fill himself up with the things he loves and doesn't have to stop when the bell rings?? so cool.

  6. To piddle or puddle, that is the question ;)

    I want to try out The Princess Bride, as we are loving Diary of a Wimpy Kid since seeing it on your blog first.

    Loved your nature pics too - my eldest boy was most impressed with the gruesomest one!

  7. I love that she likes to make her own food. Good for her!

    I heart The Princess Bride :)

  8. Love the Princess Bride! ...and I need to get me some gumbo in the freezer too...


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