Monday, February 21, 2011

in harmony : day two

I'm quite certain that you want to see pictures of my laundry area, yes?.
There is significance, here... my head and heart are dedicated currently to cheerfulness and harmony, and a sparklified house is most definitely a part of that harmony.
Gotta match up the outside and the inside, you know?

Trevelyn made pancakes this morning.

By himself.
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Illusion Science.


Chinese Checkers.


While he was making cookies...
His mama handed him the 3/4 cup... "let me find the one cup.."
"I can just use this. I'll just add another 1/4 cup to it."
"Oh. Yeah, that will certainly work."
Made me smile. It's been along time since we've played any games with fractions, funny that it's just there, and ready to use.

Read about Robert Louis Stevenson's life.
And some poems from Poetry For Young People.

Outside! With Dad.

Wet-on-wet watercoloring.

Computer play.

Dance choreography.
With an accompanying concert.

Supper is almost ready.
Eric cooks, Mama catches up here, Maddie is showing her brother something on the computer, and then he said something about a Star Wars anniversay in his room....

All is well, here.
And right and good.
Tomorrow, then.


  1. Yay for pancakes by himself. That's awesome. The cookies look delicious! Hey, I linked to you from my blog tonight. :)

  2. I like seeing your spiffy clean laundry room but its the lush plant rack I'm excited to see.... anything green and growing right now does my heart good :)

    Pancakes is a fine thing to add his culinary repertoire. Trev is looking so grown up to me!

  3. Tara - I know. The mad cravings have begun, for me.
    And the green is why I like this area. :)

  4. What spacious laundry space!! And so bright and cheery! Maybe that is what I am missing to want to do laundry :).

  5. My washer in dryer are in our basement :(

    I have decided that in our forever house (the one we will live in when we are done moving around with the military) will have a laundry room. One where all of our clothes live so that when clothes changed, dirty clothes are right near the washer, and when clothes are cleaned, we can put them away right out of the dryer (instead of forgetting them in the laundry basket for a week or more).

    And the room will have a sky light so that it is as bright and cheerful as your laundry room!

  6. Would you look at all those plants!!! How Lovely is that!!! Just wonderful!!! I have never managed "not to kill" an indoor plant!!! You really are amazing... in the midst of all the snow you have little forest growing indoors - I love it!!!

  7. Oh, I so love all those vibrant plants in there! I would do laundry all damn day!


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