Friday, February 18, 2011

friday's joy


magic school bus


dough, clay, dough.
so many clay experiments going on around here lately. natural clay. cornstarch clay. baker's salt dough.
have we got it just right, yet??

and chasin'
and runnin'
and hollerin'
and screeching.




star wars play
(lots of that today)


(been working on this idea of mine for a few days - finally finished it, and I really like it. :) )
the how-to prob'ly tomorrow, if you're interested...

Pixel with trevy.

and again.

and Stixx.

to outside!

peanut butter cookies


stixx with madd.
and again.

and now i'm ready for my book. : )
a day filled to the top with goodliness, to be sure.

don't forget that tomorrow is Saturday's Artist!
hopefully we'll see you for that.


  1. Lovely day. We had a gorgeous day here too - the weather was spring like (but down to minus temps again tomorrow) and we played and read and laughed all day. Ahhhh....! Love it.

    Question - what size is your trampoline? We are getting one this spring and I wondered if you had any imput on what makes for a good size. Can hardly wait to spend our days jumping. My couch is taking a beating. :) xo ~Debbie

  2. Debbie - it's the biggest regular size... 14' I think. I wouldn't go smaller.

  3. Lots of good stuff here. My fav is the photo of you taking the cookies out of the oven with the newly woven hot pad. Nice. Pretty hot pad. Trampoline and games are always sweet. The butterflies...are they handmade clay pieces or did you get the blanks already made up and paint them? The fence...what is it?

  4. We made the clay butterflies...

    the fence is a little box, to hold eggs or any nests we find and spring things. :) they'll go on our nature table.

    hopefully I can write the tutorial tomorrow!

  5. Ah, Stephanie. Yum, again. Loved the woven hot pad reaching for the cookies. I thought, Wait! You just made that! And then I thought, That's COOL. :)

  6. Thank you. xo


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