Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the fourteenth

Our day started with clouds and a blustery wind - much different than the sunshine and warm air we were anticipating.
So we altered our plans for our family day pretty readily.

The first of our new games arrived - Sudoku!

Seems to be something we'll like - and I am super excited that the board is gridded perfectly for a beginner to learn to play Go. (Which I had in mind when I ordered the game.) Ha.

Since our day had gone from plans for Outside to inside, Maddie asked if I would like to play some games with her.
We played Mancala.

And she got the geoboard out of the cupboard, so we played Maze games.

(I'm getting better at making more challenging ones. I like making traps - so the marble will roll off the board if you're not careful - when it's Maddie's turn to create a maze, she always closes them up. :) )

And we played with tangrams.

After piddling around for a while, we headed out the door - I wanted to go get the babes a little Valentine present (because I love them, and I like to give them presents), and since I wanted to be with my family, I dragged them with me.

First to a nursery - I've been wanting to get Trevy a Venus Flytrap since before Solstice, but I hadn't gotten up there. I hadn't told him what his present was going to be - and he had been guessing, but as soon as we pulled into Cactus and Tropicals, he said "A Venus Flytrap!" :) Maddie picked out an Octopus Plant.

Off to the toy store! We have a new family member - her name is Jasmine, and she is a giant chihuahua. I tried to in a teasing way tell Maddie that we were not chihuahua people, but rather St. Bernard people, but no dice. She loved that dog, and carted her around in the store, saying things like "But she's never had a home..." and "Don't worry, Girl, you'll come home with me...." so really the parents had no chance. When choosing a name, we naturally offered "Ratdog" but Maddie didn't think it would do, I guess. But we did get from "Chihuawee" to "Jasmine" (Pedro? Butch? Lola? Princess? Daisy?), so that's something. And sometimes Madd says she's a golden retriever, so maybe there's hope.
Trevelyn chose a few authentic -"authenticated" he calls them- dinosaurs. He's ready to spread out over the backyard, again. (Remember last summer when we had scenes all over the backyard?) He's ready.
I also picked up for Trev a small game of Chinese Checkers, since he had been asking about it a couple of days before.

To pick up a pizza,

and to home.

By this time it was apparent that there wasn't going to be enough time for a proper swim, so that idea was canceled, too, and we contented ourselves with Home ideas.

Jumped on the trampoline with dad.

Did research on our little carnivorous babies.

Set up a terrarium - a new home for Venus and Mr. Tentacles.

Trev and I played Chinese Checkers.

Maddie sat in her room, contentedly trying doll clothes on Jasmine. She found three things that fit, so she's happy.

I don't know how Valentiney our day was... I mean... bake-at-home pizza and no candles or champagne or anything.

But given the choice of a few select highly-celebrated, calendar days throughout the year,
or an enthusiastic, joyful, and richly celebrated life...
I somehow can't feel unhappy about the way things are turning out, you know?


  1. I love that wooden sudoku...

  2. The new game looks like fun. I also like that it is versatile. My dad is working on making us a geoboard. Of course he has been working on it for quite a few years. Perhaps I should just buy one :) Glad you had a delightful day champagne or not.

  3. it looks like the sudoku game has little number discs too - so you can keep track of what the possibilities are - is that right? that is awesome. we love sudoku around here, and the girls are getting into it. we want to learn GO too! hmmmm....

  4. Several members of my extended family also own chihuahuas (real ones), and every single family member except for their owners refers to them all as Ratdog, too!

  5. I love much of your day! The wooden game board is very nice. What I love the most, tho., is that wonderful terrarium. I think it is so cute that you got insect eating plants on Valentine's day! hee-hee

  6. We have a wooden sudoku too. Love it. xo

  7. The boy and are were searching for a venus flytrap yesterday but no luck - one thing this town doesn't have is a decent nursery.

    Love the wee dog - cute!

  8. We own that very same wooden sudoku!

    That picture of Maddie is precious!

  9. We feel the same way about holidays. Why focus all your attention on a few commercialized holidays when you can make every day special?

    Numbers scare me, but the sudoku game looks kinda cool. And I have no idea what Go is.

  10. I love that Geoboard so much, I followed the link to the Etsy shop. How cool is that, I have never seen one as nice.
    Oh my, I am totally not a dog person, but that picture of Maddie is so sweet. And its not so bad a dog is it?! We don't really do Valentines day, but it is nice to use it as a day to show each other how much you care. Hope you enjoy the rest of the week.

  11. Oohhh, Kim has oodles of carnivorous plants. I bet she'll like yours :-)
    Your Valentines Day sounds perfectly valentiney to me.

  12. Ohhh terrarium! Ahhh, Carnivores! Do your selves a favor, go and watch these videos, lots of knowledge! Flytraps have needs!-


    Have so much fun!

  13. One big thing I forgot to say, is to water the carnivores with distilled water only! Reg tap will bring death. Lots of sun, or flourescents, in the summer stick them in full sun, outside so they can get the bugs. Also venus fly traps are not tropical ( actually they are from North Carolina!), and depending on your sundews species it may not be as well. They will require a winter dormancy. When replanting time comes, they will need a plastic pot only as terra cotta ones wick away the moisture. Also they need a very particular substrate which you can find easily on cobra plant.com, or at least get the ingredients to source yourself, just make sure no fertilizers. ok, I think I got all the important stuff out... I think.


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