Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Button Hearts

I saw these button hearts, and thought Madeleine would love them, so I took three seconds to get out the things we would need, and set to work.

Use a friendly wire if you're doing this with young children - something somewhat sturdy, but light enough that they can tug the wire through the buttonholes easily.

We separated our buttons - choosing pinks, reds, whites, and creams.

I bent a piece of 10-12 inch wire in half, then put the wire through two buttonholes.

I showed Maddie how to put the wire through one hole, then push the button all the way down, next to the first (middle) button, then showed her to hold that button in place while she ran the wire through the second hole.

She worked her way around the wire, both sides.

I joined the two ends at the top by just twisting the ends together, while forming the heart.

Then she chose a ribbon, and if she wanted it to be long enough to hang over a doorknob or not, and I hot-glued the ribbon to the back of the middle button. (Ribbons could also be tied, of course.)

For a different look, I came up with the idea that you can wrap raffia or plain ribbon around
the wire after stringing each button.




So sweet!


  1. What a fun Valentines Day project!

  2. Love this idea...so simple yet so sweet!

  3. I like this :) Emma and I are babysitting in a bit, and this looks like a nice project that they can work on when they feel like it.

    Thanks for the great idea!

  4. very cute! i love all of the creativity that i find here on your blog! :)

  5. Such a sweet, sweet project for ALL ages. Thanks for the beautiful photos too!

  6. These are so sweet.

    I love, love, love buttons & have made many *pretties* using baubles from my Gram's button box. :)

  7. I love it. I'll have to see if we have any Valentine colored buttons on hand.

  8. These are very cute!

    Check out my blog, I have an award waiting for you there :)

  9. So sweet! The girlies and I are definitely going to make this--it'll give me an excuse to "tidy" up the button bin. I think that I should grow some sweetgrass this summer, because I love the look of your raffia.


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