Friday, January 28, 2011

what? a funny

Mama finishes gluing together the toy. For the second time in the last few minutes.
"I'm getting in the shower. Don't touch the toys. Don't touch them, don't move them, (half teasing) don't even look at them... check?"
I hear Trevelyn talking in the other room, but I'm not really listening. "Force" I hear, and "contact"... "Right, Mom?"
"I don't know know, I wasn't listening. I just know that if you look at them you will be tempted to touch them."
"That's what I said. I said 'Not to make eye contact because that will force the participant by the emotions to make physical contact.' Only I was more scientific about it."


  1. So funny! So did the toys survive in the end or was there more gluing later?

  2. Loving the new header. Those bursts of red against the white are sublime.

    I love Trev's scientific explanations. They make perfect sense. xo

  3. Keep up! :D

    I love the header too.

  4. lol - That *is* funny.

    Count me as someone else who loves the new header.

  5. Funny! Your boy and my boy sound a WHOLE LOT alike :)


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