Thursday, January 27, 2011


We thought that we'd go to the zoo yesterday. Throughout the winter, the last Wednesday of the month is free day at our zoo, so we called our friends and asked if they'd like to come tromp in the cold. It was s'posed to be sunny, and quite frankly I'm feeling a little bad (trapped) for friends in the east that are experiencing temperatures of 20 (-28.88c) below... so I feel it is my duty to celebrate and take full advantage when the weather says a balmy 40 degrees (4.44c).
And goodness knows that around here we have a long way 'til Spring, yet.
Out it is.

But first we're home for a while to let the sun warm up the earth a bit.

Maddie has been madly making valentines. And presents, and lids. I think we'll make some garlands, at least all of her hearts can be in one place, that way. And I bought some more jute for just that purpose the other day....

Trev spent the morning doing research. Lots of different things, as always. He came to me at one point, and said, "Did you know that the snow leopard uses its tail for a muffler, to keep warm?"
"Nope. I've never heard that. Where did you hear that?"
"On Hogle Zoo's website. And did you know..."
"You're at Hogle Zoo?" when he was finished telling me about Bobcats.
"Yeah. I thought I could read about some of the animals we'll be seeing today..."
Admittedly, I thought it was pretty awesome that he was so interested in our zoo's animals and their stories.

Eventually we were off.

While listening to and singin' "Goin' to the zoo, zoo, about you, you, you.... you can come too, too, too...." in the truck, of course. : )


a soft, warm pile of four giant sleeping tigers

another baby

more babies

hide and seek

and plus one friend for an extended visit for a few hours,
to home.

life's good.

on to today!


  1. Fun! I love the scale picture...

  2. We in the northeast will live vicariously through you ;-)
    Actually, we are venturing outside today for more sledding in the newly fallen snow. Brrr... but fun.

  3. You are so brave... that looks so cold!!! Oh I am in awe that you go outdoors in that let alone exploring at the zoo!!! I have to show my kids that you guys head for the zoo in the freezing snow!!!

  4. Thanks for thinking of us cold Norhteasterners! We don't even have a zoo! Great pictures, looks like a whole lotta fun!!

  5. Loved your trip to the zoo. Isaac checked our your photos with me and was naming all the animals. Our closest zoo is 2 hours away (one in Toronto and one in Detroit.) We plan on going this spring. Can't wait. xo

  6. Ooh, looks chilly, but I bet that didn't stop the fun!
    Wish our nearest zoo did a free day! We haven't been for a while, so it's on our to do list :-)


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