Thursday, January 06, 2011


[ from The Mama's Perspective ]

I read a story.
That's it-- that was my day.

400 something pages... all but the last twenty.
And I couldna read those because I fell asleep.

There is nothing more.

Oh - and towards the end I had dh pour me two glasses of wine.
Pretty sweet.


  1. So what was it? Have to know what gripped you for an entire day - less 20 pages!!!

  2. Still sounds like a good day :-) Quiet even!

  3. Lovely! Batteries recharged for one busy Mum. xxx

  4. What fun! When I was in college and after the semester ended, I would come home, read, eat, sleep and repeat that sequence all day for about a week. Only then did I feel mentally refreshed! Love it.

  5. Wow, that is one awesome day! Do tell what you were reading, I love a good book (and TWO glasses of wine, now that is really nice)!

  6. whaaaat was it??????? so curious. that sounds LOVELY.

  7. a day spent reading with wine ~ heaven.

  8. sheesh! :) The point wasn't what book it was (and, indeed, it wouldn't have mattered, as this is not a terribly uncommon thing for me...) the point is that it was a quiet day, and I read --

    And did absolutely nothing else.

    And it was just a novel - called Someone To Watch Over Me.

    Funny friends.

  9. Sounds wonderful!

    Hey, I had 2 glasses of wine as well last night and Lee cooked dinner:) Pesto Lasagne! And it was wonderful:)

  10. I love days like that sometimes :)

  11. Sounds like a perfect day...

  12. With my youngest at two years, I don't get to read that much during the daytime.

    If I do pick a book up that isn't one of interest to him, he sits between me and the book singing "I love yooooou, I love you, I love yooooou" and, well, who is going to carry on reading a book with that kind of love on offer ;)

  13. What a wonderful way to spend a mama day.

  14. that is the best day EVER!

    any day that starts with reading and ends with wine is ROCK SOLID...


  15. Stephanie, that sounds GLORIOUS.

    I remember one school holiday (or every school holiday?!) just stacking a whole pile of books by the couch. Lying there and working my way through them. WIth apples.

    Me, a crunchy apple, a book. Heaven.

    Now, my kids do the same. Just find a quiet space and read and read and read. It's so lovely, isn't it?


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