Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I can hear the mouse rattling around in the big metal box. I think that's what woke me up (at one a.m.).
We've caught two! Let's hope that's all of them.
They'll be taken to the park, by the way. To find a new home.

So we (er... I s'pose that's the royal We) go from feeling like a smug servant sittin' on the throne to spiritual liberation to catching mice. Is that too weird for you?
I mean - I do know it's weird... but I can just never tell -in the name of full disclosure- what should be left out when things seem significant at the time. It seems as though if one talks the daily Do, then one should share the madness and mundane as well as the magic.
(No doubt it doesn't help that it's smack dab in the middle of the night for me as I write this, so words and thoughts are bound to come out thusly tainted.)

But enough of that.

Monday I spent the day pokin' my light saber around at things. Not fighting anything, really, just needing to be armed, and prodding and testing some things. (That was my metaphorical ashram rooftop.) I came out alright.

Yesterday -today- Tuesday - the babes carried on again as usual - day two of "not much help from me". Which is quite alright for them, as they're perfectly capable of entertaining themselves, but I did look up from what I was doing, at one point, and blanch at what had now become a house of near chaos... two days of not paying very close attention has quite dramatically changed what was my perfectly orderly and clean house. oof.

I was absent because I've decided to cross over. Into hosting ads. Not significant to you, I'm sure - but a pretty big deal to me. Not because I'm morally opposed to them - I'm not - but a big deal because a year ago I had the idea that 400 followers was officially to me a lot, and now I have found myself at that magic number. So that's a big deal. And after writing almost daily for two years (and thoroughly loving it), I don't see myself stopping any time soon. So I'll open up a little more to the Universe, and see what comes of it.
Besides that, I'm linking several times a week to various games, supplies, and books anyway - I may as well have them somewhere handy, where we'll receive a few pennies should anyone happen to want to buy. (And let me just say that you have our most humble and deepest gratitude should you ever do so.)

So - back to that mess I was talking about - the one that is our ordinary life.

There was playdough.

And lego rovers.

And moonsand.

And then -because I wasn't paying attention - moonsand in the playdough box. oof.

And a Buzz Lightyear movie on youtube,

and the new Godzilla game, still,

and Godzilla reenactments,

and the wrapping of presents (she wrapped up a bottle of essential oil and the book I am reading, and gifted me with them).

There's been whistling,
always whistling,



the shedding of a tooth (Trev, not Madd, yet, thank goodness)

eating snow,








(indoors, it's like ten degrees outside lately, I think)

and Girl Scouts.
Yay for Girl Scouts!
And Maddie gets to sell cookies.
I'm expecting all family members to order at least a case.
:) Just wanted that out there.

Now we're here, after a few days of different and mostly absence, and I think we've gotten the business and hullabaloo out of the way.
Handy that it has come with the sweeping and purifying of our home, too...

So happily and with much hopefulness, I'll just say
"And now back to our regularly scheduled program....".


  1. Ah, I understand now. I have to admit to being a bit lost before - like I'd missed a post ;-)
    Good luck with the advertising. I think it's a good idea.

    (My brain's not working very well, so I can't get my words out).

    And I can't believe it's only two years. Really?

  2. Not two years for the blog, it's a couple of years older than that, but two years of dedicated daily writing. :)
    Two years of "this is a part of my life".

  3. You are an inspiration to me. I have begun the new year blogging almost every day and it certainly feels like a part of who I am.

  4. They seem to have had some fun! My house becomes a disaster if I look away for just a few minutes; can't imagine what would happen if I stepped back from the constant cleaning for two days.
    Good luck with the ads.


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