Tuesday, January 04, 2011

tuesday then

baby love.
(that would be Madd and her baby.)

"Mom... do you wanna play a game with me?"
"How 'bout these? Tangrams."

then Mancala.

and we got into our new Illusions kit for a minute. (it was on hand.)

that prompted Madd to go downstairs and get the color kit.
and the kaleidoscope kit.

and then the Light kit.

another trip downstairs,
and whadaya know, we found a few other things to bring up.

an' there was Peep.
and Ice Age game for the other one.

tidyin' up!

treadmill rumpus.

and Carmen Sandiego (Treasures of Knowledge).

...for both. Madd was watchin' and learnin'.

and Mazes.

we'll be printing, as soon as our printer is repaired, you can be sure!
oh - and this treasure lets you pick a background, and design your own, then print. or it will generate a puzzle for you. I picked it up at toys-r-us a couple of years ago.

some Rumis for Mama and Trev...
until the Wild Kratts came on.
(they're so into the Kratts.)

back to Rumis.

an' Leapster Play.
Diego, and Learn to Draw & Write, actually.

discussions of The Electric Company, 1970's style.
(Mama is a seventies-child, via 1968.)
which of course led to a search of E.C. 70's videos. found 'em on Hulu.

back to computer play.
the hamster wheel again (now really-- thank goodness we have it -five runs a day?- for these 20 degree days.)
and the States puzzle.


"West Virginia!" says Trev. "Home of The Dreaded Moth Man."
"What!?! Does it say that?"
"No... but that's where The Dreaded Moth Man is from."
"Oh!" Silly Mama. I totally thought it did. lol.

art. via crayons and colored pencils and an impending visit with The Cousins.

an' back to The States.

funny... I was having a hankering for a day like this. a day that wanted no suggestion or ideas from the Mama...
a day that was so rich,
and meandering,
and gentle,
and Full.

well then,
I'll take it.

an' say
"Just right."


  1. Sounds great :) And I'm going to try taking a pic of our kaleidoscope too! What a great idea!!

  2. Seriously, your days are SO full. I feel like we just sit about all day compared to you. :) No comparisons though, I know. I love reading about what you and your kiddos get up to.

    Today, we made MP3 CD's via paper. Isaac is incredibly interested right now in MP3's and so he has me make folders and we make up a whole bunch of funny song titles and list them. Folder 1, Folder 2, Folder 3 and so on. And once that is done, we make up the lyrics and a tune to go along with each song title. So creative...so fun. We did other things too...but I won't write my own blog post in your comments. Oh, maybe I just did. :)

    Happy Tuesday.

  3. Friend Debbie -
    sometimes they just take off on their own.
    An' all I can do is smile.

    And you will note - I am good at writing it down. :)

  4. Um, I must hear about hamster wheel. Please!!!

    Also... dates are up for camping next July. Just sayin'.

  5. Oh, Jean, I'm sorry - I was just talking about the treadmill! I worried that anyone might not get that joke. :/

    :) (I'm really not funny.)

  6. Ah, Stephanie. One word:


    What a magic day… Thank you for sharing it!

  7. Shanda here from the tramping grounds of the dreaded moth man! I loved your story that I had to laugh out loud. I don't live that far from Point Pleasant (Mothman's main hangout), quite the wonderful town and we are very proud of Mothman. They have a statue there made by a local artist, very fearsome but cool. (I'll email you a photo). Thanks for the story.

  8. COOL!! I'll tell Trev as soon as he wakes up. He'll think that's the greatest. :)

  9. Stopping by here is always such a treasure trove of cool ideas, games and activities. Thanks for sharing all the goodies :0)

    ( the boy is down with a nasty cold so he's only been watching movies and blowing his nose this week..)

  10. What I love about your days is that it's such a pleasant reminder of really remember to SEE our own--thanks so much, again and again and again--can I say it enough??

  11. more luscious days! we have had a few days of science kits too - so much fun to pull out. :)

  12. What a fun day, when your job is just facilitator and help as they find their own fun. You provide such a rich environment!


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