Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tuesday : in the pink

a pink sky in the morning can only mean one thing...
there's going to be at least a little bit of sunshine!

which was a very good thing,
for I had a serious need
for harmony,
and sunshine today.

mmm, there's some, now.

let the sun shine in!




writing love notes
(for her Mama)

we have sparkly mirrors, and several sparkly windows, today



laying seige

Totally Tut

it was a tie.

hey! more sunshine!
for a minute.

"Mama... will you play in my kitchen with me?"

vegetable soup
fruit salad

Birthday Cake

and tea -
peppermint and watermelon. delicious!

there was Little House On the Prairie
(and the same tears as always)

and more castle play.

there's been Buzz Lightyear videos
Godzilla on the wiiheeheeee
and Charlie Brown's Valentine.

there's been
and loving.

and we're all filled up.


  1. What I wouldn't give for a little sun around these parts. It's dark and gray and rainy/snowy and...did I mention gray? *Sigh* It's all good though - lots of snow this week and I know spring is coming...she's coming...I can hear her walking down the hall. :)

    Looks like an awesome day. Love Maddie's chalk outline. Looks just like her. xo

  2. Wow. I love your lights around the window still. I love Maddie's face with such concentration at whatever she is doing. I love the castle set. Very nice.
    Are you reading Little House to them both or just to Maddie? I am not sure whether my boys will like it or not.

  3. I put the lights up last year when I took the tree down, and left them 'til Spring. I loved them. :) So I did it again, this year. Helps with the dark days and nights.

    No, we're not reading it, I was talking about the show, on pbs. We read the first on last year, but just that one. We may read another, if and when the children want.
    Who knows? :)

    The castle is playmobile, the knight and king are Schleich. We have several gorgeous pieces. I love them so.

  4. I told someone today that I need more sun in my life. I love the lights around your window too. Very pretty and elegant looking.

    I still love to watch Little House to this day. It's a classic.

  5. love the picture of Maddie with her helmet on - deeply focused on something..... so cute.

    I've been pondering on the totally tut game - is it bunches of fun??

  6. Sunshine!! Love it!

    Looks like another great day :)

  7. We've had a few days of sun now, and I'm just soaking it all up :-)

    Love Maddie concentrating in the bycicle helmet, and the castle looks fab!


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