Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday. Business.

We'e aaaaaaaall about taking care of business today.

Eric and I have decided that we're going to retire in Costa Rica (in twenty-plus years). It's the happiest place on the planet, don't you know. Volcanoes, epic fishing, mountains, rain forest jungles, extremely low carbon footprint.... we're so there. We sort of freaked the kids out by telling them that. I told them we wouldn't go until we had their permission. And I told them that since they'd be of course unschooling their kids, it'd be an awesome place for a kid to come and live for three or four months. :) heh heh.

We had language study for one
and wiiiiiii for the other.

A visit with Grammy.

Selling Girl Scout cookies. (Julie? Aubrey? Sam? Maddie will be calling you.)

Stopped off at Sesame Street... funny enough, they were talking about rocks. Actually, basalt, limestone, marble, and obsidian. :) "Hey!" says Maddie, "We know about that!" Yup.

Time to go to lunch with Grammy!
(Grammy has to drive us because our truck is in the shop for a long-overdue visit.)

To Hobbie Lobby!!
You know it.
A hundred bucks worth of craft-goodliness.

To Girl Scouts!

To the mechanic's shop! For forty dollars less than he quoted us, and four hundred less than what we figured. Hot damn. You don't get that every day.

Trev's on the wii,
and Madd's doing a mad dash, trying to see if she can do eighty-five wooden and craft projects in two hours before bed. Let's hope not. I'm sort of hoping we have enough stuff to last for a while.

We're good.
Life's good.
The world's good.

That will do, then.


  1. Very productive day. HA! Maddie cracks me up. 'Tis a lot of projects for two hours. :)

    Costa Rica is gorgeous. Now, I haven't been there (have you?) but a fellow yoga teacher friend of mine does retreats there all the time. Her photos are stunning. Maybe someday...

    Glad you'll be around for at least another 20 years or so. :)

  2. Nope, never been. :) Most of my explorations involve going up the street.

  3. Like your retirement plan :-) And craft supplies - yummy. And good news on your truck - back to Hobbie Lobby?

  4. Costa Rica is wonderful, from what I've heard. But there's a really sweet coastal town in Australia that has had rave reviews…and it would be lovely to have you as a next door neighbour! :) We got rainforests; we got fishing and mountains, and today my boy discovered Australia's got volcanoes! Woot! So at least come visit some day!

  5. Funny, I thought I was going to be the only one here who hadn't been, but it looks like we all need to go there and check it out! I love the idea of a yoga retreat!

  6. Totally. Sounds perfect to me.

  7. I had the opportunity to go to Costa Rica when I was 16 and it has since remained a fond spot in my heart, although I've never been able to return. I loved the food and the scenery but most of all I loved the people - people with huge kind hearts. I hope one day to return :-)

  8. I "studied" Costa Rica when I was around ten or so. Not for school, mind you, but at home only because I was enchanted with it for some reason. I remember the pages of our World Book Encyclopedia vividly and can picture the outline of the country that I drew on construction paper. Anyway, it is a place that has always appealed to me, although I haven't been yet. Sounds like a productive day with happy surprises too.

  9. My good friend spent her 40th birthday in Costa Rica last week. I am envious. It led to a conversation with my husband about the logistics of living there. We are considering it. Perhaps we will be neighbors in our retirement!

  10. That was a bit of good luck with the mechanic! It must be going around - hubby bought a used snow blower for a few hundred less than we had anticipated :)

    Costa Rica sounds like a magical destination for retirement or a mid-winter vacation for that matter :)

  11. I guess if I was reading in chronological order, I would have seen this Hobby Lobby post :o). It's one of our favorite creativity supply stores as well. As for your truck... well, that's just amazing and awesome. And as always, your blog makes me smile. Thanks for sharing tidbits of your beautiful days.

  12. Mama Whimsy -
    Hobbie Lobby AND Michael's.


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