Friday, January 07, 2011


plans for a fairy tea

tidyin' up

witness! :)

(Do you clean your children's bedrooms every day? I feel much better when I do.
If they were working on something, of course I wouldn't disturb it,
but they're like me, and like open, friendly spaces in which to imagine and create.
Our home has three halves, to my mind:
'the front half' being the livingroom, kitchen, bathroom, and Maddie's and Trev's rooms;
'the back half' is the den, the hall (off the kitchen), the laundry area, Eric's bathroom, and our bedroom;
the third half :) is downstairs, which is the rumpus room and my room.
Anyway - it's my usual mission to clean the front half of the house every morning before anyone wakes up. Around or before eight, Madd starts waking up and there goes the rest of the day! :)
...And that would also explain why 'the front half' is the only one
that gets regular attention.
But I'm close to having it all done, now!... :) )

library visit

fix it -isms

spin art



treadmill rumpus



an' that's all there was.


  1. Boys share a room (they want to be together) and with that we can use the master as a 'family room' - and yes, kids bedroom kept clean. We actually use bedrooms only for sleeping (books and animals are in there, but no toys), so they are only used at night. My guys don't want to go hang out upstairs all alone anyway. So our main living areas are where everything is, and that is also cleaned many times a day. I can't go to bed with a messy house. Must wake up to fresh, clean, neat and feeling good. Makes the whole day go well. :)

    Your house is lookin' lovely!

  2. ohhhhh that SIGN! i love it!!!!!

    and yes, to at least tidied spaces, though i'm longing for a day to truly sort and toss and begin be honest, the piles are mostly mine...your home looks beautiful!

  3. i have to say i do something in the boys shared bedroom everyday, weather putting clothes away, staitening up beds and bedding, that sort of thing.
    My eldest has Aspergers and he makes a nest on the floor each night, and also draws to de stress before he sleeps each night, so there is often something to tidy each day!!

    I need to have a clutter free home as i get quite stressed with bits everywhere!!

  4. Yes,I must clean his room BC if not then I will still find things where I don't want them. I am a very picky(ocd)cleaner.

    I Love your blog

  5. Sounds like a busy day. She sure likes to have parties.

  6. Oh dear...I try, that's the best I can say. I'm a squirrel, so we have too much clutter, and the boys are too efficient at scattering *things*

    But I do so like a tidy, clutter free space to play in. It's my New Year's Resolution (again) ;-)

    Love the horsey!

  7. You know, our home is filled with tiny dioramas every where you look.

    Right now, in the living active wigwam, Playmobil teepee and gold mine.

    In the kitchen, a bear is acting as the flagger for a road construction site.

    On the upstairs landing-more Playmobil road construction.

    And then, there is the boy's bedroom...a constant flurry of activity. It's virtually impossible to "clean up" without literally destroying his many painstakingly created "displays."


  8. That sign killed me. Isaac has been going through a phase lately: "No mummy's allowed." But now that I'm 38, he loves me again. He says it's only 37 year olds he doesn't love. Phew. :)

    I'm not the best cleaner, if I'm honest. But yes, there is always picking up to be done, clothes to be put away. Does it ever end? xo

  9. Such nice, clean, tidy spaces! One must walk through our girls' bedroom to get to our own bedroom, so if there is not a path that I can walk, I gripe until a small one creates a path for me, and that's how their room is cleaned!

    Yeah, we're not a tidy people.


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