Monday, January 24, 2011


The sun was shining early Sunday morning, and all I could think of was Outside!!

Eventually the notion came to me that it might be a fine day to visit the Aviary, so I took the idea to my family. The Aviary it was!

But in the meantime, there was whistling. Have I mentioned that Maddie whistles? Whistle, whistle, whistling... always whistling. At least five hours of the day is whistling. :)

And she's finding her style with wrapping presents.

She looooves to wrap presents. This one is her daddy's. It's caffeinated tea. To help him wake up. Usually for me she wraps up little bottles of essential oils. : )

So there was research

and a little bit of wii play

and after a late breakfast to keep us warm, we were off to the park.

We were introduced to Suli; she's a turkey vulture, o' course.

Suli was sunbathing and stretching... we learned that directly after vultures eat, instinctively they spread their wings wide so that the sun can disinfect their wings of any bacteria they might have picked up. Isn't that interesting? So they just walk around for a few minutes with their wings opened wide.

We also learned that not all birds at the aviary are crippled and recovering... many of the birds just stay of their own will, because they like interacting with and being rewarded by the humans. Many of the birds have opportunities to fly away, and it does happen that some do. I thought that was interesting, too.

The children got the opportunity to feed the Sun Conures. They went into their area, and hand-fed them apples. At first they were nervous, but by the end of the feeding session, they were quite thrilled to have the birds on and around them. Next time I'll go inside the enclosure with them (that fence drove me batty).

An' there was play...
and jumping
and climbing
and meeting new friends
and swinging
and sliding...
until their Mama and Daddy were just too cold, and said 'twas time to go home.

books by the heater

A fine day in the wintry sunshine.


  1. What a beautiful way to spend the day!!!!!!That is an intersting fact about the Voltures(sp),I am going to tell my son that,Look at that schooling already.

    I really want tyou to know that I love your blog.Can you or have you shown a little example of what and how you teach your kids.We are learning our style to be more Eclectic and Unschooling and I am having lots of worrying that I am missing things,I don't go by an currciculum just worksheets and some workbooks as guidance./MATH has me stumped now.

  2. Would you look at those wonderful birds!!! Amazing!!! So not what I was expecting from the cold side of the world!!! Lovely... And we have two whistlers, on through his teeth (UG, sounds like a permanent snake in residence) and one hummer... and the only way to resolve it is to put on music, it seems to break their internal rhythm and fix ours!!! Happy days!!!

  3. I use to never pay much attention to birds. I think when my parakeet, when I was 8, flew away I chose not to find attachment with them. But, when I look back, I have always been fascinated by them, especially lately. They are truly amazing creatures aren't they? I don't think we have an Aviary like you all do (bummer), but we do have an Avian reconditioning center for birds of prey. Amazing place and a heavy reminder what cold and dangerous place this world can be for all wild animals. They truly are one of nature's great miracles :).

  4. You guys just have it all where you live. We'd have to drive a good distance to get to any place like that. *Sigh*

    Still, looks like you had a great day. Love the bird pics. xo

  5. After looking at your pictures, we really need to get there soon!

    This week for sure:)

  6. My kids just looked at all your bird pics and LOVED them! My son added, "Did you know that vultures also pee on their legs to keep cool?"
    "Really?" I said.
    "Yep!" said my girl.

    SO, there you have it. More learning done!

    What a beautiful day, Stephanie. Glad we got to join you :)

  7. Jamie - I'm trying to get to your question... :)

  8. Lovely photos of your aviary. Looks like a lovely, interesting day.
    I like Maddy's presents too - just the right gift :D Squirt used to love to wrap presents. Eventually he liked to wrap and decorate them, put them in a box, add an address sticker, and then go outside to be the postman!


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