Monday, January 03, 2011

sunday, january two

paper boats

followed by paper airplanes.

music play


(she asks for the scrabble pieces. she loves writing this way.)

dinosaur coloring

civil war guys find dinosaurs buried in the ice in the arctic.

years later, an atomic bomb goes off, and the smallest one is mutated....

rasslin with dad

leapster play

treadmill play
(they're loving playing on the treadmill when they've got excess energy - I'm not complaining since it's very, very cold outside. it works.)

more hat creations

Wild Kratts play. a new love.

crocodiles and wildebeasts (discovery channel)

i'm not really sure what else went on.
Madd and I put the ornaments away.

all the holiday stuff has been trekked through the snow to the garage.

the home-ablution process is coming along rather nicely.
(which is where the mama of the house has been spending her time and energy.)

i'm looking forward to getting a few more things done this morning (it's 5:16am, so I am hopeful, still), and then a loooong day of loves and play and discover and create! with my babes.

we'll prob'ly see you tonight.


  1. Sounds like a very rich, fun life you guys are having right now! I so enjoy your pictures and posts!


  2. Maddie's handwriting is getting so good! The scrabble game must be the trick!

  3. I love the scrabble writing idea!

  4. I love the scrabble writing idea and the treadmill! Wonder if that would work for my two? Since it's not snowy here, I should probably drag them out for a looong walk - but I get comfy, you know? :-)


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