Thursday, January 20, 2011

softly on thursday

Geography discussions with dad started off the day.

An' jumping.

Yesterday when Trev and I were playing 7-Up, a game from the book Family Math, we figured out that you could win if you 1) always went first and added 1 at the beginning, and 2) got to 4. Cool. Which is the whole purpose of the game - to figure out patterns, and to strategize. (You could also win if you played against someone unsuspecting, like Dad, who hasn't played before, and therefore hasn't figured out the pattern, yet.)
Today we moved on to 11-Down. We already knew that if you got to 4, going up, it meant win, so counting down from 11 meant the magic number for that game would be 3. But we also figured out, by playing two games, that knowing you could win at 3 also means that you could win at 6. aaaah. (Prob'ly doesn't mean much to you, but we're liking the "figuring" stuff.) After making sure it was correct, we learned that by winning from 3 and 6, one could, naturally, also win from 9.
We'll move on to the next game, tomorrow. :)

Human Figure drawing of a different sort.

Maddie has made up a game with the human figure - she (and we) put it in poses, and the others guess what it's doing. It's amazing how observant she is, and how natural the figure looks when she poses it! I can always guess exactly what it's doing.

Roy G. Biv and his color spectrum was a part of our day.

And I went to a new restaurant.

It's a really great one.
They have wireless.
And you don't need to wear shoes.
And you can even go in your jammies; no one cares.
You can stay as long as you want... in fact, you're encouraged to stay until you're hungry again.
The service is good.
The maitre d is very polite and helpful. She bows a lot. And curtsies, too. She comes by often to offer you tea, or a glass of water, beer, or wine. She brings cookies around, and will show you the kitchen. And she tells you about the dog that lives at the restaurant.

I was asked to be the Sports Photographer.

I'm glad they asked me, and not someone else.



Madd wanted Magic School Bus episodes while Trevy and I played The Amazing Mammoth Hunt.

Trev got a parachute first off - which meant he got to go anywhere. "I'll go to Somalia."
"Really?" his Mama asked, surprised. I always choose places like the U.S..
He got it right. "What?!?"
I love Mammoth Hunt. : )

And now the babes are back on their computers, contentedly watching Toy Story stuff and playing games.
I think I'll see if that restaurant delivers... a cup of hot tea with some extra honey sounds really, really wonderful.
A soft ending to a soft sort of day.

Goodnight, then.


  1. Ohhhh, I love your store!!

  2. We use Family Math too - I like it and the boy is okay with most of the exercises and games.

    LOVE the silhouette pic!

  3. It's Maddie's restaurant. In the den. :)

  4. Think I should read blogs AFTER I've had some tea/coffee in the morning. 8+}

  5. Love the restaurant thing:) I remember playing restaurant as a kid, one of my favorites.

  6. Does Maddie have a bed and breakfast? Sounds like a great place to hang out.

  7. Love this, Stephanie! Thanks to your post, I just ordered Family Math—looks it could be a gentle, fun way to encourage my math-phobic girl to like numbers again. And I KNOW my boy will think it's great!

    Love the cafe too! My boy created a Breakfast Cafe the other day—it was wonderful. Does Maddie's restaurant deliver across the Pacific? :)

  8. A lovely restaurant! I went to a similar one this morning. The other patrons included a bear and a blankie.

    The blankie ordered pizza. :)

  9. Girls are just SO different than boys, do you think? I've only got the I can't compare (not than I should...just wondering.)

    Looks like a lovely day and if Maddie ever needs patrons for her B&B... :)


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