Saturday, January 08, 2011


makin' our household cleaners

play with pattern blocks.

art with pattern blocks

(this was entirely Maddie's idea - she traced around shapes, making pictures, and then painted them...)

human body explorations

komodo dragons
and sea snakes
and the world's largest crocs.

more rat talk.
ugh-- but fascinating.


aaw, love cadoo!

The Allowance Game

- a rasslin' intermission -

and eventually finished the $$ game.

geoboard play.

(if you'd like one of these gorgeous boards for yourself, go see our friends at Craftmatter.
we played our usual game that we made up - we call out a challenge of a shape as well as the number of rubberbands that can be used... it's one of our favorite ways to play.

Chuck Norris banter.
my three think it's funny. I dunno why, but they do.

Big Brain Academy.

pc play - godzilla for one, and a netflix movie for the other.

and the making of chocolate chip cookies.

Madd - how lovely!- chopped the pecans for us.

one plays on the 'puter,
one draws,
and one of us is about to pick up her book.

that will do it for us.
all is well.


  1. Lots of bright, happy smiles.
    Maddie is growing up!

  2. Your days simply inspire me :-)

  3. We are on a Cadoo run at the moment too!!! I think I love it more than the kids 'cos I am always inviting extra players into it and the teams grow and shrink as the day goes on!!!

  4. Rat talk? Are you thinking of getting rats for pets by chance? We have 2, and I have to say they are so sweet and gentle. You know, if you can get past the tail thing :)...

  5. I'm hyperventilating... Lord, no.

    Rat talk because of Ratatouille... there's a lot of information in the windows game. My beloved son is keeping me informed on "the really cool things about rats".

    Snakes, spiders, bats, bugs... love all of them. But rats freak me the hell out. :)

  6. Lol!! I understand, I couldn't do spiders to save my life...

  7. Huh - never thought about getting Pierce involved in making cleaners. I only make rug cleaner, but he could do it - so easy.
    That allowance game looks pretty interesting. What's the age range on it?

  8. varunner - it's here, and it's for ages 5-11.

  9. wow! did you do all that in one day?
    I must say I have little patience for board games with the kids...though we do have quite a few!


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