Sunday, January 23, 2011

saturday : happy things

My friend Julie wrote yesterday morning "Celebrate what's right with the world." and I naturally turned that into "Happy".
Happy moments, happy things... happy faces.
Not a bad way to spend your day... watching closely for Goodliness.


happy home fragrances
(this one I just call 'the den potion', and it has
clary sage for creativity
cedar and geranium for harmony and balance
lavender for peace
and bergamot for happiness)
I just put a few drops of the blend in water at the top of the burner

busy birdfeeders

happy, laughing children

singin' in the bathtub

just reading

bits of wintry sunshine


happy, made-up songs. that feature


which is really about happily mastering skills
and feeling competent and confident

relief painting

pretzel making

hat making





  1. sounds like a lovely weekend!

  2. Another gorgeous day in your home :). Thanks for stopping by, I wouldn't want to miss another Sunday with you all!!

  3. i like that - celebrate what's easy to focus the lens elsewhere. um...TEA...books on CD...comfy couches, winter sunshine in the windows, another day to rest and not have to be anywhere, HEAT, hot water bottles, hot baths, and more tea. and a warm cat. and snuggly kids...right, right, right.

  4. I love the way you write, Slim. xxoo

  5. sounds like a wonderful day - what a great idea, to look for and celebrate the happiness for a whole day. Will definitely be putting that one on our to do list!

  6. Beautiful:-)
    Love the recipe for the oil burner too - will be trying that one:-) xx

  7. Ah, Stephanie. YES!

    I read your words (loved the pictures), followed the link, listened to the words, and they resonated ALL THE WAY through. It is Exactly how I try to live my days, and it is Exactly how I have made my way through darkness. So, Yes, and ditto, and so true! And, Thank You as always, dear sunshine bringer. :)

  8. There really are many things that are right with the world, just look at those birds and those children! Love, Love, Love.

  9. I love the shot of the laughing faces. Perfect!
    Oh, and the great socks :-)

  10. I like happy laughing children the BEST!

  11. That's what I like to see, a focus on the positive and the good and the right. So many people these days seem to have their focus stuck on just the opposite. Why? When there is so much goodness and beauty in the world? I much prefer HAPPY!


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