Sunday, January 30, 2011



Clay creations... Maddie and I are making little dishes for valentine chocolates. mmmm.

Play dough.

Computer play.

Outside! with Dad...
trampoline ruckus,

chase and points tag,

ball play,


and more trampoline hoopla was in order.

"Mom, have you heard of Moby Dick?"
"Yes, I've heard of it, but I've never read it. What do you know about it?"
He then tells me all about the story's plot - with much more familiarity than I have.
Research, my friends. It's what he does.

Hmmm.... Percy Jackson came up. As well as Jason & the Argonauts.
Netflix for Percy Jackson, yo. It's in the mail.

And sculpting. At the same time.

And jokes.
The same ones...
and over...
and over. :)
Because "But it's just too funny!...."

More sculpting.
Complete with explosions.

More computer play


and coloring wood pieces.

Playdough play. Again.

Ice Age on the 'puter.

Making bouncy balls out of playdough.... "Hey." Says Mama. "Maybe tomorrow we should make real bouncy balls. With the borax. Silly putty style. Want to?"
Note that, Mama.

Made-up songs, actually.
About ghosts. And how your Mama will slay them if you're afraid. If you call her downstairs. But really they're just made of cloth. Or maybe it's just your Dad.
Or maybe the song is really about How To Irritate Your Brother.
You know-- the usual.

Journey To the Stars!

Love that.

Kid K'nex for one
and Godzilla play for the other.

Mama's thinkin' it's time for a good book.
So let's say "Good Enough", shall we?

Tomorrow, then.


  1. Another fun filled day. Love the explosions in green :-)

  2. LOVE the Moby Dick story! What a finder-outer-er your boy is! So cool.

    Love the picture of Maddie with her blue bowl.

    Too much to love and list here: I'd rewrite your post! So, a simple THANK YOU will have to do :)

  3. Nice quilling!

    Sounds like a fun filled action packed day - the best kind... Daisy was at a friend's house yesterday... it was so quiet! I was glad when she came home to liven things up again :)

  4. Sounds like a fun day.

    Love the quilling! Never heard of it. Also the valentine bowls:)

    Percy Jackson is a great movie! We saw it at my brother's.

    We had trampoline time as well yesterday, although it was freezing I must say.

  5. just getting caught up....;)

    we're big fans of anything clay-ish around here -- although we lean more toward modelling clay because i can't stand the smell of play-doh!! ACK! and the fact that even the homemade stuff drys out....

    awesomely fun-filled days you're having...


  6. Love the blue eyes and blue bowl, with gloved hand for special effect. Great shot!


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