Monday, January 03, 2011


Madd woke up and said she wanted a tunafish sandwich for breakfast.
"Really?" I asked. Not quite shuddering, but not enthusiastic about the idea, either.
"Mmhmm. Can I cut the pickles?"
Well, that was a different story, if she was gonna make it... "Absolutely. Want to do all of it?"
"Yeah!!" Cool.
And she did.
We made the maze cards, of course.

And we all came up with a few ideas of things we'd like to do together.

Soon Madd and I were playing Mancala.
After our game, it was between Madd and Trev. Cool that they play well enough that they don't need me.

We had our geoboard that our friends gave us right there (want one? go see Craftmatter), and played our shapes game we made up. "A square! Four!!" was the challenge to the next player.
And "Triangle! Two!"
"Star... five!"
"Trapezoid! Four!!"
:) We love that game.

I had every intention of reading Explore Rocks (we're supposed to be reviewing it for the give-away!), and I remembered that we hadn't done the epsom salt on black construction paper experiment, so I got out the stuff for that, and we started it.
' Course, we had to get out the microscope so we could check out the salt formations.
Which meant we had to head back downstairs to pick up some microscope slides, too.
And the eye-clops, since we're checking things out.

* * *

my gray pants (eye-clops)

* * *

' Went through a whole slew of slides.

Tiny mites, fibers, eggs, fish scale... all sorts of things.
This one is hare hair.


Lost Cities.


Relief art.

Computer play.

Treadmill play.



It's somewhat early, and I'm sure the day's adventures aren't done, yet, but dinner is in the oven and I'm wanting a warm soak and jammies, so we'll just say "that's good enough".

'Til tomorrow, then.


  1. Maddie looks so grown up with her knife skills!
    Yes, I want a geoboard like that! It looks so soft and inviting. I have avoided them (though we do have a plastic one) because they look so sharp!
    Sounds like a very full day!

  2. When did Maddie get so *tall*? Oh my.

    I really want to get my girls a mancala game. Well, *I* want a mancala game - I'd love it if my girls wanted to play with me. :)

  3. We did some microscope lookin' today too - crystals from an expandable polymer experiment, and hare hair (and cat hair). Too funny. ;)

  4. The microscope sounds like it was great fun! Good for Maddie for making her own breakfast!! :)

  5. Okay, now I'm hankering after one geoboard, one microscope, one Lost Cities card game, and one set of Rumis!! Too much temptation! (But not really) :)

    How'd you take photos through the microscope, anyway? Talk about clever!


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