Monday, January 03, 2011


Maddie got a little maze book in her stocking - 20 mazes.

I purchased the book knowing that I would make the puzzles more to our liking.

Today I got the book out and measured how much contact paper I'd need for four puzzles, then cut that large of a piece.

She chose four puzzles, and we laid them face down on the sticky side of the contact paper.

She chose four more, and with a smidgeon of glue (glue stick) at each corner to hold them in place, I placed the second four puzzles face up, and then covered them with another piece of contact paper.
(Actually, for ease of placement, I laid the new contact paper down, sticky-side up, and then placed the card of four puzzles onto it.)

I pressed the edges, and then cut the four pieces, making four tw0-sided puzzles.

Chalk is erasable on the cards, and works pretty well.
Crayola washable markers work well, too, and wipe off the paper with a damp towel.
note: dry erase markers don't wipe off the contact paper.

For the second batch we covered them with water, and then painted them with watercolors (we like wet on wet watercoloring).

We zapped 'em dry with the iron (a lower setting), and then covered them.

Now we have puzzles that can be used again and again.


  1. Lovely mazes and great idea. Must try it.
    I've been printing some out from various sites, and Squirt would do them, then turn the page over and draw a new maze (trace) on the back. Except he would somehow make them harder, for me to do :-)

  2. I used to LOVE to make mazes when I was a little. I'd do them on graph paper--loved all those nice straight lines and corners.


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