Monday, January 24, 2011

life on monday

there's been drawing

and the making of valentines.

maddie drew this freehand... isn't it splendid?

Trev and I finished up Explore Rocks and Minerals today
which was totally awesome
and snuggly
and engaged
and connected.
who'd a thought we could snuggle with rocks?

there was a walking trip to the store for bubblegum

and trying to master the trick of the thing.

cadoo! family play

and apples to apples jr

and building.

we had flats,
and Dubai's Dynamic Tower

which naturally led to National Geographic Kids Almanac 2011

and friendliness between tigers and orangutans.

research -
Trev looked up our local park and oil spill of last year

Maddie learned a bit more Spanish

and there was Godzilla
and city play.

we've had all sorts of bird love today...
(due, no doubt, to our avian adventures of yesterday)
bird talk
bird drawings
and bird research.

yet more research
and yet more language explorations.
(language club by knowledge adventure)

jump! with dad

and now...
as soon as the babes get back inside this warm house...

we're gonna start reading
The Princess Bride.

life is very,

'til tomorrow, then.


  1. Splendid heart indeed.
    Splendid day.

  2. The Princess Bride is one of my ALL TIME favourite books (and one of my ALL TIME favourite movies!). I remember finding a second hand copy in Amsterdam, a long time ago, and reading it in cafes, by canals…this beautiful book made being there even more magical. Ah…I think your kids will LOVE it!

    What amazing, full, rich days you all have. I love coming here. :)

  3. What an absolutely splendid heart!

  4. a gorgeous, big heart - full of sweetness.

    i really like the idea of citiblocs but wonder if my lego enthusiast would use them to their full potential.... i'm on the fence.

  5. Perfectly lovely heart. I wish I could draw them as well as she!

  6. Fun! We love Cadoo ...and Apples to Apples too...and bubblegum...

  7. Maddie draws much better hearts than I do.

  8. Fun:) That heart is amazing!

  9. Perfectly wonderful heart! And I love the Princess Bride film - I've never read the book, so there's one to add to my list.


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