Sunday, January 09, 2011

just sunday

madd and I started out with a mancala marathon.
' must have been like twelve games straight.

then she picked up her polydrons, and started building.
soon that evolved into estimating and measuring.
i'm pretty sure most things in the house got measured.

the thomas track goes aaaaaalllllll the way across the kitchen. watch out! :)

trevy's been playin' a new (to us) godzilla game on the 'puter.

rasslin' and jumpin' and general carryin' on.

baby love.

"Man... it's hard doin' all this stuff with a baby in front of you."
lol. is that right??

Mama finally got to making cloth diapers for baby Emma. (she's a Baby Alive.)
Grammy tried to buy food and disposables at Christmas time - I was naturally appalled. "I didn't use disposables for my babies... why on earth would I use them for a doll!?!" :) Grammy used cloth, too, I don' know what she was thinkin'. silly Grammy.

wax chaos.

'puter play.
Carmen Sandiego an' research.

which I swear must have taken like six hours. 'twas only breakfast (potatoes, omelet, that sort of thing) - though I did make gravy for biscuits and gravy later on...

but-- that's the way this whole day has gone. I can't 'splain it. the Nothing and Everything just happen, sometimes.


  1. Scary Wax fingers :-)

  2. Wax is fun! Scout still can't keep his fingers out of it...

  3. I know exactly what you mean about everything and nothing happened. I have many days like that.

  4. So sweet! I'm thinking that Miss Madd needs a doll mei tai, and a doll ring sling, and a doll maya wrap...


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