Saturday, January 15, 2011


Illusion Science
before eight o'clock in the morning.

film critiquing.
this went on for well over an hour - breakfast and beyond. all of them suggesting shows that they did or didn't like, then everyone got a turn of "I give this a __ star rating, and here is why...." hilarious. I loved it.

and zoomorphs in water, again. Not sure we have any unoccupied bowls left in the house.

a walk in nature for me,

and then

oof. for hours and hours. :)

computer play

geoboard play
"Trapezoid.... out of three!" challenged Maddie. :) She really likes trapezoids.
The Cousins loved this game, too, and they played for about an hour.

(wanting a board, still? go see Craftmatter.)

icecream cones

Guess Who? the game.
this one, too - round after round.

a super fun day - lots of different things went on, but they were deeply engaged in them, too.
I just love that guiding creative flow.


  1. Fun! We're going to an indoor pool with a slide today - it's about 20 below zero...

  2. What a beautiful day! I'm thinking of you outside, scrunching about on the snow, everything quiet, just you, your camera, those tiny things whispering to you—"notice us, oh, do please notice us"—and you did…

    and of course now there are at least three things I want to explore from here, zoomorphs, illusion science, that geoboard…

    Ah. It's always such a lovely walk with you, Stephanie. I love coming here.

  3. What a happy day!! I think I will do something fabulous with my child now!!


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