Sunday, January 16, 2011

Geoboard Maze

Yesterday when The Cousins were here, I tried something out on the children.

They had really been enjoying the geoboard over the last couple of days, and I had been thinking of Maddie and her mazes, so I started playing and thinking.....

I chose one corner to start from,

and next I made a little pocket at the opposite corner for the "End".

The rest I filled in with open edges, dead ends, and general maze tracks.

This was actually really fun to do, as I had to think about the paths I was making.

It occurred to me that it's a pretty good good thinking game... it's a nice challenge to build it in the first place, and then fun for the designer to present the maze with a marble to another... with the condition that if the marble falls out of the frame at any time, the game is over.

The children gave the game a thumb's up.
That's good enough for me!


  1. Just checked out the geoboards. I think Isaac will love this...thanks. xo

  2. How fun. I am going to show this to my kiddos. I bet my younger son will be doing this by the end of the morning.

  3. Awesome! Like labyrinth!!!

  4. looks like fun ~ to do and to make!

  5. What a great idea! I'm surprised how hard making mazes can be. The other day Damek made a maze on the ground with blocks and he wanted me to make him one on paper. I had to start over like 5 times because at first I was just randomly drawing lines and then realizing that they were leading to nowhere, or that i had run out of room;)

  6. They are! They're pretty mentally challenging, surprisingly. :)

  7. oh i like this! and your maze.


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