Saturday, January 29, 2011


Friday this week was our family day-- which means we get to spend the whole day all together.
In keeping with the week's evident theme of Out, we ventured forth again.
Hmm, let's see we've visited the flyers this week... and the walkers, climbers, slitherers, and pouncers.... so let's go see the swimmers, shall we?

But first...

we have the daily Do of create! and Research.

The Natives

The Sea

Our favorites here:
watching the huge octopus, and then learning about it and seeing it being fed
playing with the rays!
seeing the clownfish hide in the sea anemones
and the giant lobster.

South America

Our favorites:
the penguins, of course!! So, so fun. And agile. And spectacular.
And the anaconda.
the caimens were fantastic
the red pirhana were supercool
and the electric eel was... well... electrifying!

And then since it is family day,
and since winter will eventually be over....

back to one of our favorite spots.

Came home at bedtime with super-full heads and hearts.
It's a good life.


  1. What fun...and oh how Scout would love your aquarium!...and ice skating too!

  2. Going to bed with super-full heads and hearts - I wonder how many schooled families can say that? I'm not judging, just wondering.

    Sounds like an incredible day. Indeed, life is good. xoxo

  3. Such a busy Out week - looks like a lovely aquarium. We're going to a new one in a couple of weeks. Squirt wants to walk under sharks!

    Lovely ice-skating shots :-)

  4. So much fun! My kids love the aquarium.

  5. Brrrrrr!!!... and lovely!!!

  6. Sealife and skating and being together - it is a good life indeed!


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