Saturday, January 22, 2011


Trevy and I woke up with stupid colds. How annoying. : )

On the other hand, I got to hang out on the couch all day and read... much of that time with my son reading at the other end.

Maddie was sitting happily (she is recovered from her cold) on the floor a couple feet away from us, busily making party hats.

After dozing off, I woke up to find that Madd had moved on to making masks.
Since she hasn't yet figured out to make holes in something, you pierce then cut around, her solution was to cut from the side to get to the eye holes, then just simply tape the sides back up. Brilliant. : )
She had tape, and yarn, and the stapler and markers out... all of her magic tools.

"I think she looks a lot like a chainsaw killer."
I laughed and sputtered until I was coughing, "That's what I was thinking, too," I said.

Her costume was next.

We made homemade chicken noodle soup,
of course.

Our day went on much like that. Me reading. Trev started and finished his book.
Slow, slow, slow.

Lots of pbs - I think we saw all of our favorites - Martha, Arthur, Kratts, Word Girl, and Ruff...

We discussed lots of animals throughout the day, as well as their amazing feats...

When Trev finished his book he drifted to the den to his computer,
after a while I asked him what he was doing.
I figured he probably wasn't playing games, as the day's tempo was verra slow.
"Whatcha doin?"
"Mmm, I'm just doing research."
"Oh. Whatcha researching?"
"Oh... lots of things. I just finished "Bad Reputation" (Toy Story song... known more via Joan Jett when I was a kid)... now I'm looking up Mothman. Remember when your internet friend sent that picture? That was cool. I'm looking that up, now."
I so love that he does this. It's one of the things that makes Trevelyn him. That he's curious about things, and wants to know when things were invented, or written, or when someone decided it was a cuss word. :) (It's true.) He just wants to know.
It doesn't matter what it is... it's his way of gaining knowledge and figuring stuff out.
So awesome.

And so went the day.
Drifting in and out..
here and there.

What today, I wonder?


  1. A lovely way to spend the day recovering. Sharing the sofa isn't one of Buzz's strengths - I'd have to lie *on* him :-)

    And I thought the cool mask looked a bit like a teddy bear, actually!

  2. Hope you guys feel better soon! My cold is still hanging on and Damek started coming down with another cold yesterday:(

  3. So glad I dropped in today...the chainsaw killer gave me a chuckle!

    Hope you and Trev feel better soon. So glad that he is a researcher too...I like nothing better than finding out who, what, when, where, and's what I love best about the internet!

    xo, aunt kathy
    (yes, I did sign it that way...I wanted you to feel the love!) :)

  4. Sorry you're under the weather. Similar here. I feel like I fell asleep just after Christmas and haven't woken up yet. I think I have molasses in January brain syndrome.

    Glad to see you all are mostly carrying on with your carryin' ons :)

  5. Maddie's mask is sure spooky!

    Take care of yourselves and feel better soon :)

  6. Sick? Oh no's! But what a lovely day you both had. Books on the couch, dozing off, waking to find your girl busy busy busy. I want to find a chair near you all…curl my feet up with my latest book and share your day. (Which I kind of get to do, don't I, coming here? Thank you, Stephanie!)

    I love that Trev is a wonderer, just like my boy. It's magical to watch our kids seeking knowledge out, isn't it?

    Hope you guys feel better soon…but I do love your drifting too…

  7. I love her mask...I'll do that project with my nephew :)

  8. Yay mothman! That just made my day a little brighter.

    The mask is cool!

    Well wishes. . .

  9. Oh no - I hope you feel better soon...we snuggled up with a bunch a boys this weekend and watched back to back Godzilla!

  10. So I have a cold too and when I saw Maddie in her "chainsaw killer" mask I, too, laughed 'til I choked. :)

    It's so nice visiting you again--it's been too long!

    I'm off to read the rest of the posts I've missed...

  11. As someone who hates (strong word, I know, but it's the truth) horror movies or being scared at all, Maddie's mask really freaked me out. :)

    Love Trev's research. Something to look forward to with my guy. (I hope.)

    Feel better, mama. xoxo


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