Friday, January 07, 2011

friday love

clean, clean, clean, this morning.
aah. :)

to Play!
we were meeting friends and The Cousins at our kid paradise (Classic) - the place with the many bouncies and two skate/scoot areas, arcade games, and climbing jungle.
you know that went over well.

after about five hours, we were ready to come home.

Cousins came in with us for a little while...
and there was Godzilla,
a puzzle,
pattern blocks,
and a game of Rumis.

kitchen play.

"Mom... I wanna learn about Fish, and Birds. Here are the books."
"Alright," says her Mama, "give me just a second..."
which brings us to the Now, and so I really must go.

'til tomorrow, then.


  1. I love how you say, YES, to your children, Stephanie. They come and ask and you say, Of course. With your whole heart. It's beautiful.

    I love a world with more Yes's in it than No's. It makes the world just that much bigger, more beautiful, doesn't it? Like the stars are just floating there, glinting and sprinkled with stardust, waiting for you to grab them…

  2. Rollerskating! ~~~i remember going to rollerskating discos years ago. Great fun! Happy, fun well lived day as always!

  3. Sounds lovely, especially the skating :-)


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