Saturday, January 01, 2011

december thirty-first

Are you wondering if I got my house perfectly in order for the new year? Prob'ly not, no one care's about such things 'cept me.
But the answer is 'nope'. No, I didn't.
I sort of got lost in the details, as always. Started washing curtains and watching the birds and taking pictures of Create! and gettin' ready for a tea party, instead. And sure enough, there it went!

sigh. Some of us are just really good at choosing Happy over Discipline.

"Mama... I wanna paint!" she blasts joyfully.
And then it was play with toobs. Hat designing, actually.

Which of course led to a fancy Tea.

Trev kept comin' around, tellin' me all about the new animal info he was learning.

There was the making of ice lanterns, again.

Zhuzhu hamster.

Washin' and hangin' curtains and shower curtains, as I mentioned.

Eatin' snow




Lighting candles.

Scrubbin' corners.

Falling into bed early.
You know--
the usual.


  1. lol - yeah, i didn't get mine done either...happy distractions...


  2. "Some of us are just really good at choosing Happy over Discipline."

    Loved this. :)

  3. Happy's a much better choice...Happy New Year!

  4. Happy every time :-)

    And Happy New Year - here's to many, many more distractions!

  5. I like to imagine that the "road less travelled by" is quite an unkempt little path - compared to the one everyone may take all straight and trim....happy new year and may you always choose the former :)


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