Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chapter Wednesday

In Which Maddie Learns To Play Checkers
Stirrin' It Up. Because Sometimes You Gotta.

We started our day with Checkers. Or Draughts, for some of you. :)

Maddie and I played a few rounds of pick-up sticks. (That we made ourselves a year ago.)


Human Figure drawing.

uh - pirate style.

Maddie has the sniffles, so when I was downstairs this morning to find some things to stir things up a bit (getting a little too settled, if you see what I mean) I grabbed Magic School Bus's Inside Ralphie story. We love Magic School Bus. As I've mentioned a thousand times, or so.
Inside Ralphie put the idea in our heads that we could prep some petrie dishes, and see what we could come up with. Hmmm.

Two chapters of Explore Rocks and Minerals.
(Review for that, and closing the give-away next Monday! Next will be George Washington, and then after that will be The Silk Road : Discover the World's Most Famous Trade Route.)
Found out from Rocks and Minerals that pumice is made from gas and liquid rock foam. Cool.

and Obsidian.
"Obsidian?" asks Trev.
"Mmhmm, Obsidian," says his Mama.
"That makes total sense!! In Godzilla there is a creature called Obsidius.... and he's made from the magma of a volcano! His name at first was Magman... but that didn't stick... and he became Obsidius!"
What can I say? Unschooling Mama's get to smile to themselves, and nod, sometimes.

Started a basalt column project.

We made Art.

And jumped.

An' waved to the sun.

Thank You!

Pony World.

"A beer?!" you say...."With Family Math?"

And I say... "You know it! That's the benefit of home educating, my friends. Any way you want. At the park. On the ski slopes. In your underwear. At a Godzilla movie. It's aaalllll goooood." : )

Dancin' and singin' with a jazzed up Toy Story version of You've Got a Friend In Me.

We broke out the Yo Baby Kick Flipper.

Mama drew a bath
(for herself. Imagine that.)
and the babes and daddy went outside in the verra cold to Jump!.
But on the way... they stop at the door,

to discuss the bladder, the digestion, and the large intestines... and how the small intestines are "about as long as this room..."
"Woh." say the babes.

An' it's so late (9:09, now), and I have a bath that's gonna be useless if I don't git... so I gotta git.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Love how you stirred it up. I too have been stirring things up a bit here. Love the obsidian identification. Hope you enjoyed your bath.

  2. Wow, so much wonderful busyness! I'm especially fond of the edible art. Looks yummy!

  3. Thanks for the petri dish inspiration, and I just LOVE the beer next to the math - oh, that sings to me! And the cookies, of course.

  4. I love your pick up sticks idea! and Obsidius...

  5. Love the poster! Looks like a successful stirring up. :-)

  6. I love the image of you going downstairs…it seems such a mysterious, magical place to me…where all these treasures wait to be picked and played with and used and learned with and loved. Do you go down there with a lantern held high, like a cave explorer? Do the treasures sing out to you; do they jostle each other on the shelves to get your attention? Ah, I imagine they do! And I imagine you smiling as you pick Just. The. Right. One.

    And then you come up into the light and stir things up…and I love it all :) Thank you, Stephanie!

  7. Hmmm...if you ever wonder if your blog serves a purpose...if it is worthy of your 400+ followers, I say Y.E.S.

    Every time I visit here, and I do mean every time, I am beyond inspired. I have my paper and pen resting beside my laptop because I know I'll need to make notes on all the amazing things your offer up.

    And the inspiration isn't just on "what to do with unschooling kids" but also on how to be a more mindful and compassionate parent.
    OLM has it all. I'm SO thankful for your space...and for you. xoxo Debbie

  8. ps - I had a really rough day with my guy and coming here always makes me thank you for that too. xo

  9. geez, Deb... you tryin' to make me cry??

  10. Nah...just sending you my love and gratitude. xo

  11. Quite honestly, I think the only way I can accomplish math is with beer.


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