Sunday, January 09, 2011

a boy's life

"The problem is that I feel like a geek, when I use scientific words. I feel like a complete geek," he laments with terrible seriousness.
"But whenever I say normal words, it's totally Captain Obvious."
Poor Trevy. :)

Posted with Trevelyn's permission. Because I'm gonna make him a celebrity, in a few years (according to him). :)


  1. My 16 year old feels the same way very often. Poor Trev. I hope that he will just be himself.

  2. I don't think he would know how to not be himself. :)

    (Which I fully intend to see through to the finish.)

  3. Man that's cute!!! Hope you guys have a fun week!!!

  4. Oh... my 13 year old feels much the same way sometimes ... poor guys...
    light and peace to both of you

  5. It's a tough deal figuring out who we are and tougher still trying to honour that. How lucky he has you as a role model and to gently guide him. xoxo

  6. All I can say is boy I wish Owen and Trev could hang together sometime ~ his words so often mirror my boy's.

    I know Trev will find the balance he is seeking :)

  7. making me smile this morning


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