Monday, January 31, 2011

Book Give-away : George Washington

George Washington : 25 Great Projects You Can Build Yourself
(recommended by publisher for ages 9 and up)

This give-away will be open from now until Saturday, February 12, 2011, so the winner of the book will hopefully have it by February 21st, President's Day.

Here's what Nomad Press (love them!) has to say about George Washington:
"George Washington: 25 Great Projects You Can Build Yourself offers a fascinating look into the life and times of our nation’s first president. Readers ages 9 and up can explore Washington’s years as a young Virginia gentleman, his military battles, and his political contributions to a fledgling nation. Using common household items and minimal supervision, kids have 25 hands-on activities to help them learn about this legendary figure in American history.
Young readers will: create a surveyor’s map, cook Washington’s favorite hoecakes, write with a quill pen, make a replica of Washington’s battle sword, and much more. Along with detailed, step-by-step instructions for each project, George Washington: 25 Great Projects You Can Build Yourself includes biographical sidebars, illustrations, historical facts that allow kids to explore George Washington in a fun, hands-on way."

We have not yet started to read it, but here are the chapters:
  • Introduction : George Washington
  • Chapter 1 : A Young Gentleman
  • Chapter 2 : Surveyor and Landowner
  • Chapter 3 : A Young Colonel
  • Chapter 4 : At Home in Virginia
  • Chapter 5 : Commander in Chief
  • Chapter 6 : Birth of a Nation
  • Chapter 7 : Washington's Presidency
  • Chapter 8 : Washington's Farewell
Some of the other projects (aside from those listed abobe by Nomad Press) are making:
  • a hornbook
  • a silver plate
  • a book of manners
  • a surveyor's map
  • a weather vane
  • pomander
  • revolutionary soldiers
We'll see if we can start on this today, and we'll keep you informed about how we're enjoying the book!

If you'd like to be entered for the drawing, here are the (same as usual) particulars--
  • You don't need to enter more than once - just say in your original entry if you're a follower (new or old - doesn't matter!), and if you have announced it elsewhere.
  • one entry for leaving a comment
  • another entry if you are or become a follower
  • an extra entry if you blog or tweet or post on facebook.
Should a family outside the U.S. be really, really interested in George Washington, I'll ship elsewhere.

I think that's it!
Leave your comment if you're interested.


  1. This one looks like it would speak to my history lover. I am a follower.

  2. Please ENTER us for the drawing.We are on the list of followers.This book will be great for schooling.
    Thanks a lot

  3. We love Projects around here, and I am already following and Enjoying your blog. It's great inspiration :)

  4. Oh, yes, I am interested!!

  5. What a great book. We start studying George Washington in two weeks. I am a follower.

  6. I am a follower. He has never been my president, though ( I am a Filipino) but it would be interesting to do his projects and know about this legendary person :)

  7. That looks like a marvelous book.I have an 11 yr old daughter who is constantly building all kinds of things at all hours of the day and night.She would be delighted in something like this!

  8. looks like a good book.
    i'm a follower!

  9. Well, I'm too much of a free spirit to say I'm a follower, but I do read your blog regularly, and have you on my Google reading list, so I guess that counts ;)

    Please enter us in the contest. I love your blog, by the way! Just found it a couple of weeks ago.


  10. This one looks like a good one! Thanks.

  11. Please enter me in your drawing. I have just become a follower. :)

  12. Wow, should really appeal to the history lovers in my family. Thank you for such a great give-away!

  13. My older DD would love it! Thanks for the giveaway

  14. ...and I am a follower :)

  15. My 11 yr old son will soon be a dual citizen. We are from the US but live in Alberta. My son is a leader, and my goal is to introduce him to as many good leaders as I can, in order to nurture that potential. I have been reading the diary of Benjamin Franklin, which I highly recommend. There is a dark side to American history, but there is also a very strong presence of well-grounded men and women who believed and worked hard for freedom.

    I have 4 children exploring the world with me, and my husband is often away at grad school, so I rarely have time to sit and check blogs. A friend of mine was at my house visiting and brought me to your blog, so you are bookmarked (am I old-fashioned or what? :) for whenever I have a cup of coffee and a quiet house.

  16. My lover of all things George Washington would love this book. Will post on Facebook.


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