Thursday, December 30, 2010

a word.

are you a resolutionist, or a revolutionist?

this is my fourth year for choosing a new intention for the next year. (i'm of the Revolution category.)

it takes me a while to find just the right word, most of the time.
seems to me, that some words get really, really close... but all but The One lack a certain something that pulls it all together.
and then you think of it, and you just know.

this year, for me?

as in -
as in -
melodic balance.
as in -
a coming together of the body and soul.
as in -
all things lined up and blending perfectly.

a lovely, soulful song.

more to come about this, surely, over the next few days.
have you a word you wanna share?


  1. Love it. Perfect.

    My word is 'Complete'. It chose me because, well, I'm sick of starting things and not completing them.

    Then as I delved into the word I realized how perfect it was. The more of my goals I complete, the more complete of a person I am. I've been thinking of it for a few days and the longer I think of it, the more I like it.

    Much love.

  2. what a lovely focus for the NY. wishing you all the best.

  3. I'm still working on it....

    Love your word though.

  4. Definitely a revolutionist. :)

    My word for this year is *balance*
    Sounds ordinary and boring. Predictable perhaps. But if I'm honest (and I always am) this is what I need right now more than anything else. Balance. I need to find my rhythm and honour it. Only by doing this will things in my world start to change.

    Happy New Year to you, Stephanie. I hope harmony finds you at every turn. xoxo

  5. yep - love your word. My word for this year is 'focus'. I am way too scattered and have lots to pull together. Wishing you a wonderful last day of the year.

  6. My word is 'rhythm' because I'm hoping it will combine all of the above mentioned words and aims lol My kids need it, I need it....
    We do a time capsule each NYE that we read and then add to the next year so that rather than making resolutions we can laugh or sigh at our thoughts this time last year.
    Best wishes for the new year.

  7. My word is Nurture. I see new years revolutions as wishful thinking.
    Thanks for giving me a great blog to read this year. Happy New Year hun

  8. Love your word. Completely agree - you know The One as soon as you think of it.

    My word for the year is Open - I want to open myself up to new possibilities, to going out and seeking out new connections, a community, new friendships - to be open to possibilities as they arise: also to be open and honest and authentic about who I really am, to stop trying to live up to others expectations: to be open about my own feelings and emotions instead of trying to suppress them. It's so the word for me for this year.

    l love the idea of a time capsule, what a great thought - one we might borrow, if I'm honest. We are going through all of the photos that I've taken this year and selecting our favourite moments, which is a great way to finish off the year - reflecting on all the good times and all the things we have to be grateful for. Hope you have a great new year, and may 2011 bring you an abundance of joy, love and laughter, blessings and tranquility. And harmony, of course! With love x

  9. I'd say I lean towards the revolutionist and away from resolutions..... breaking them is always such a drag.

    My word will have to be joy for the new year. My aim is to infuse fun, joy and smiles more often into our days and like the saying goes - if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.

    I love you word too btw. All my best joyful wishes to you Stephanie for 2011.

  10. Great post! Perfect for bringing in 2011!
    Can i be an evolutionist? Not so much the Darwin definition for this purpose--but this one- "a gradual growth or development"--like a slow change into something better :).

    My word for the new year will be
    "abundance". Your blog helps me remember this--thanks :).

  11. I'm going to have a little think about my word today.
    I am on the revolution side of things too. I know from past experience that real life often {mercifully} gets in the way of many a well intended resolution :)
    Sending Many Happy New Year wishes your way!

  12. So many wonderful ideas here! Tara--I love 'joy.' And Julie, 'open,' is something else I'd like to be--open to new people, new places, new experiences.

    I've been toiling over my New Year's post for over a week & published it this morning. It's more like a family revolution than a personal resolution. And, I have every confidence we will succeed.

    So perhaps *now* I'll focus on The One and see if I can't set my mind to something personal. This will be a busy weekend & week-but, I look forward to stopping by to read your New Year's're always an inspiration!

    Happy New Year!
    ~Jessica xoxo

  13. I love the "word" idea and Joy is probably my favorite...b/c yes, if your not having fun your not doing it right. I do think mine will be "observe" I will need to observe what is going on around me, within me and with my family and friends. We are going to have some big changes this year and it is going to be very important for us to be aware of our feeling and to watch for the magic of life to present itself to us! Thanks for offering such an amazing blog! and much love and light to your family this new year!

  14. Thanks for putting this into a new perspective for me. I will have to ponder further the idea of a word encapsulating my goals for the year, but I think it might be "growth." There is so much growth happening in our home, both inside and outside and for all members of our family, and we are always making adjustments for the next phase of our lives. Sometimes that adjusting feels hard, but it's always a positive thing because we learn so much along the way. We have to embrace growth, allow it to take us to new heights and depths, and into new adventures.

    Happy New Year, Stephanie! May you and your family have a harmonious year. May we all, in fact!

  15. gorgeous it!

    i'd say i'm a revolutionist -- i love these fresh starts, the feeling of ending a chapter -- so you needn't drag the detritus of the previous year into the next. accept the lessons and move on...

    my word is 'engage'....

    happiest of happiests...(again - i'm catching


  16. possibility. and all it embraces. Yep. Possibility. And embrace. That's right, I'm bending the rules. Got me a phrase :) I love the idea by the way, of a word. Might borrow it over on my blog, if I could.

  17. I am not only a revolutionist, I am the revolution.

    I love words. I have words written in the sides of my poetry pages from this week. Always my goal words. I don't do resolutions, but I like focus. I love Henry Miller for his use of words. He loved words. Big words, little words, meaningful words, words that seemed so ordinary but they could shatter a window.

    Vitality. Freedom. Limitless.

  18. What an amazing and empowered response, Denise.

  19. I've been thinking about my words for a few days. I want to step into this new year full of intention. When I fall for new words I tend to roll them around in my mouth like smooth stones. I want to enter this new year with three.




  20. Sometimes I leak out. ;)


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