Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a wintry solstice

it started out with a sense of quiet, and Still.
you know- an eventual sunrise... falling snow.... quiet, and Peace.

things change, once the children are awake.

new gloves

new hat and mittens

Sour Patch candycanes and Children's Amazing Places Encyclopedia

box of dress-up stuff

eventually it's all about Rampage and high heels, sparkly crowns, and cheerleading pompoms.
i wonder if i'll hear clop, clop, clop across the wood floor all day?

but that, too, would do.

there's been fun with the polydrons.

an' we read about reindeer.

and The Yule Fairies by D.J. Conway. (thanks so much to my friend Julie for putting this up.)

and, of course, Sunshine Makes the Seasons.

which led to looking to see if The North Pole is in our new book (a Solstice present), Children's Amazing Places Encyclopedia. (it was.)

maddie invented things,
trev played his new game.

another hour or two of polydrons.

(we love them.)

there coulda been a lot of things today... that weren't.
no ice lanterns because it's not quite cold enough out there.
no sun for winter's prints.
a trip up the street with bird cookies for hanging had been on my mind... except that i was cold and i wanted keep my feet tucked inside this soft blanket.
could've gone into the kitchen to make the cookies and candies... 'cept that it's so dark on this darkest day, and all i could think about was curling up with another book.
no full moon viewing, probably.
certainly no ecliptical views.

i feel almost regretful that we didn't have a different sort of day today,
but really i just feel happy that we are always free to have any kind of day we'd like.

so warm feet today,
and maybe wearing new mittens tomorrow, hmm?

life is good, of course.
brightest blessings to You and Yours.


  1. My partner and I did manage to view the eclipse through our bedroom skylight. We didn't wake the babes though. Maybe in a couple more years.

    Happy Solstice and blessings for the new season!

  2. It sounds like you had a glorious solstice!

    We're not organized, so we'll have to celebrate this weekend, after I'm off work. ;)

  3. Bright Yule to you guys:) A quite but great day anyway.I always tink of winter as a time to turn inwards anyway:) We celebrated Litha...summer solstice today so are looking forward to the days getting shorter.Enjoy the season:)

  4. Sounds like a warm and cozy Solstice - I hope you get to do your "other things" as you wish... (to quote Wesley).

    No eclipse viewing here - too cloudy. Hoping for a clearer night next time in 2014!


  5. No goodies for the birds over here either:) Damek enjoyed his new book and Kyan started to enjoy his new movie (Happy Feet), but it kept skipping, gotta take it back:(

    Got an order at 12:00 for 4 pairs of stilts begging to be shipped out yesterday. Guess you know what we were busy with. I was in the post office line at 4:15:)

    We did however take a late night stroll through the neighborhood with our luminaries right before bed, so all was good.

  6. Happy Solstice to you and your wonderful family! We had a fabulous day here, full of all sorts of doings and lots of peace and serenity too. Just perfect, I think. We wish that it had snowed a little more than it did but we were happy that the first snow of the season took place on Solstice. Totally forgot that I had intended to make your beautiful ice lanterns for yesterday too. Must remember that for next year, if not some other time this winter. :)


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