Thursday, December 16, 2010

wednesday : ten.


shadow puppet
(all by Herself)

-which led to her Mama sayin' "I have some shadow puppets downstairs... are you interested?"

' course, downstairs led to animals and magnets....

and then back upstairs for some puppet making.

and a show, naturally.

walked into the livingroom to hear "maybe we can go see lights tonight" to her brother,

Mama remembered that Grammy said Wednesday nights were good for her, so a little arranging for some downtown dinner and romping was in order...

popsicle sticks-

and workshops
and snowflakes

and stars

(I came up with this one.)

kitchen play

and picnic play...


and sculpting....

time to go!

a trip downtown for dinner

and then a city wander in the very, very cold.

That building with the blue lights on the left?
That's the Walker Center. I learned that it shines blue for all to see,
if snow's comin'. Cool.

one more treat on the way home.

that will certainly do.

and only nine to go.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Our advent activity tonight is to go down Christmas Street, maybe we'll have to make a night of it and head downtown as well:)

  2. Temple Square at Christmastime is one of the things I miss most about Utah. Thanks so much foe sharing.
    I love you.

  3. What an awesome place to walk to catch some spirit! So pretty <3

  4. Oh, I love Christmas street, and the puppets.

  5. These are such wonderful images - from tiny humble pleasures to great big impressive ones! I love the combinations that can make up a single day, especially at this sacred time of year. beautiful.


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