Monday, December 27, 2010


well, i managed to get both the babes' rooms cleaned yesterday.
that seemed the logical place to start, as I needed organized spaces to put all the new gear.

i love that. this is one of my favorite parts of the holiday-- juice.
rearranging shelves... gettin' rid of some un-needed things.... rotating, taking things downstairs, making room for new tools, ideas, and creativity....
really, really love it. :)

when i was in Trevy's room yesterday, i found this.

apparently, he is his mama's son. he had moved a couple of books off this particular shelf, and placed instead his Wimpy Kid books. in chronological order, of course. front and center. at his eye level.
makes sense to me.

Maddie did some organizing of her own.

happy sigh.
now their rooms are perfectly perfect, the new clothes are in the wash, and i can start on the rest of the house. i'm so looking forward to seeing new things on our upstairs shelves - it's been a while since we've rotated our supplies.

i also have something cool that i want to share with you later today... if i can get a table cleared enough for the three of us to play!
wish me luck!

p.s. -oh!! i just now realized that i completely forgot about the soul of sunday! oof. we'll resume next week.


  1. lol -- working my way toward that end myself today....slowly..slowly...

    ah,'s all good


  2. Trying to take a little of your organizing love and apply it here. I do like how it looks in the end. Can't wait to see what you play this afternoon.

  3. Love the organizing and rearranging part of the program!!!!


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