Monday, December 20, 2010


for Maddie and me, the better part of the day was spent sittin' on the floor in the livingroom, wrapping and making things pretty.

we do like pretty things.

and there was Ballet in the kitchen.

and tidyin' up. there's only one more day to make the house ready before our Holiday begins in earnest... Solstice comes!

my family agreed -mostly not very enthusiastically- to go downtown for a little skating adventure.

turns out, in this Mama knew what she was talking about, and it was, indeed, a Very Fine Time.

"Wow!!" said Little Son. "Look at this! Downtown! Outside! Christmas lights! Totally appropriate Christmas music! Awesome!"

and the actual skating was fun, too. (he's like his Mama, I guess - atmosphere and charm count for a biiig part of the ordinary life magic.)

after hours

we're going back as soon as we can....

dinner downtown.

storm's blowin' in....
snow's comin'.


  1. Lovely, empty ice-rink. That's on my list, for when our lot of snow clears up a bit
    And atmosphere makes all the difference :-)

  2. Wonderful! I wish we had ice skating in or out in our city. Have a great and blessed holiday.

  3. Isaac's never been skating and I think it's because I'm not very good on skates. Nothing worse than an unsure mama pulling her boy down. But you've inspired me (again) and I think tonight after dinner we'll head down to the park and attempt some skating.

    I hope your holidays are lovely and are providing tons of beauty and magic. They certainly looks as though they are.
    Much love,

  4. So nice to have a 'real' city to visit, downtown to go to. :) The things I miss about big(ger) city life.

    Did you have that whole rink to yourselves??

  5. Denise -
    in total there were probably a dozen people there besides us, some left right after we got there.
    The rest of the time there was a couple and a small family. :)

  6. I don't think our outdoor rinks are ready yet - they will be by Wednesday as that's the last day of school...yours looks lovely...we're due for more snow today...yikes! - we have enough for a while...

  7. Ooo I missed Soul of Sunday!! Bummer. Love all the pretty little wrappings :)!!

  8. LOVE ice skating! I've never been to an outdoor rink, though, and I shudder at the average winter temperature of an area that such a thing implies.

  9. Sweet! Music, skating and sparkly lights in a big city almost all to yourselves. Sounds perfect. :)

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