Sunday, December 12, 2010

sunday perfect.

Sparkly puzzelts in the morningtime.

"Wow. Sunshine! There's Sunshine in the livingroom." says the Mama.
"Yeah. That's because the Sun follows me wherever I go," says the Honeypot.
"It sure does."
She discovered that truth a couple of years ago...
"Look at this. See that? The Sun follows me everywhere."
And it's true, It does.
I'll have to remember that should I need an extra bit of Sunshine, I only need ask Madeleine.
"Hey Maddie. Bring on the Sun?"

New York City



Big Brain Academy
I won!!
: )

"Just drop me off in Argentina..." he sings.
"Know where it is?" His mama asks with a skeptical, raised brow.
"Obviously!...." demonstrates he.

I had the thought today that we prob'ly shouldn't get too attached to the Mammoth Hunt map... that probably we should be familiar with globes, too.
(FYI - I think I paid like $26 or so for this game... as I'm linking, the price says $4.95. ??? Apparently, if you're interested in this game, now is the time to get it.
As I've mentioned, it's one of Trev's favorites. Great geography game.)
So our globe was (agreed upon and) brought into our game for an extra challenge...

Cool. That worked out pretty well-ly.

Some sort of strawberry milkshake.
The ingredients are chopped up RedVines (red licorice) and pepper.
And frozen rice milk.
She felt it was pretty promising.

Kittycats and their balls of string


Outside, into the neighborhood.
In pursuit of fresh air and winter's walnuts.

aaaah... found them.
And other things.

To home we went (all agreed)
to find some magic.
Backyard magic.

More music.

Jingle Bells.

Oh, goodness.
It's been one of those days!
One of those
Thank You! days.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

I love this life.


  1. Looks like a fabulous day!

    Thanks for the heads up on the great deal. Your review of that game was so good, I'd bookmarked it to buy someday. But for such a bargain, I got one today, and one for a gift, too. :-)

  2. Why wouldn't you love this life? How you live it is pretty amazing!

    :) Love your happiness.

  3. Yummy games at your house!

    I bought mancala and some others for my boy - they are waiting under the tree :0)

  4. Oh MY! You all have so much fun! Your snow must have all melted...I'll send you some...

  5. Lucky you for having a sunshine magnet! Sunshine is one of my favorite things! :)

  6. awesomeawesome!! love the photos, especially the first one. wow!!
    by the way, how was that milkshake?

  7. Magic abundant in every lovely moment. What a pleasure to take a wander through your day.
    The milkshake sounds fantastic!

  8. I am SO tempted by that Mammoth Hunt game!

    My current obsession, however, is my desire to purchase a dry-erase globe. I greatly desire a dry-erase globe!


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