Sunday, December 05, 2010

sunday : in snapshots


  1. Looks like another wonderful day!

    I'm in awe of your picture of your Christmas tree. When I take pics of ours, the coloring is way off: kind of yellowish sometimes and reddish others. What was your trick?

  2. Your home looks so COZY! :) Love it.

  3. Melody - I haven't done anything, other than that first picture was shot early this morning before full light.
    The only lights in the room were from the tree and the garland.
    :/ Sorry I can't be of help!

  4. oh so cozy and warm :) yum.

    We decorated yesterday, tree next weekend, and today? Our first Santa Workshop inspired by you!

    Baking and wrapping and laughing and fun... I can't *wait* to get started... if I could only get those kids to wake up! Soon....

    Could you please tell me what mandala maker you have? I like the designs you made with it!

  5. My mouth is watering over those cinnamon buns!

    You have a cozy, festive nest there :0)

  6. Hi Penny! I miss your blog! (Though I understand you needed to step away and regroup, I do hope you'll be back at some point.)

    We have Ravenburger's "romantic". :)
    It has flowers, hearts, a gleeful little girl, a ladybug, leaves, a dragonfly, a lotus flower... I so wish you could buy the round plates to switch them out... we certainly don't need more than one tray thing! Ah well.

  7. Thanks Stephanie!

    The blog will be back but differently focused. There have been a few health discoveries of late that are leading my cooking life in a verrry different direction (gluten free, for Joe and my youngest) and I'm thinking I might really make a more intentional leap into a cleaner, more authentic life. You know. Like you.. lol

    No, I really am not a stalker of yours. An admirer, certainly, but not a stalker. REALLY!

    Hey - our first workshop is so much fun! We're baking! We're crafting! We're singing! Wheee!

  8. Penny -
    I would never dream that anyone was stalking or copying, or whatever.
    I figure that's what this blogging (such a horrid word - blog) community is all about... sharing ideas, sharing and growing and changing perspectives, being inspired and supported by others... I'm so grateful for all of it.
    I was just talking with my friend a couple of days ago that ideas never come from nowhere, they always come from something. It's not a matter of copying, it's a matter of an idea or feeling being sparked, and then we (our personalities and perspectives) just take over from there.

    I'm just grateful that we have such a wonderful resource available to us. It's invalauable, for me. Like a loving village - 'cept the neighbors are far enough away that they can't hear you hollerin' every once in a while. :)

  9. lol, so true, so true....

    You might find another idea or two of yours in my post today (wink). lol

    Hope you're smilin' and not hollerin'...

  10. I love cozy, indoor days with just coloring, snuggling and laughing.

  11. Sorry... another Christmas Tree photo question... what setting did you use on your camera? I've been experimenting... trying to get the glow of the lights without it looking unnatural.

    I love all your photos.

  12. I'll try early morning then. Thanks :)


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