Saturday, December 04, 2010

a story about a tree. maybe.

I was saving my tree post for when I had the time.
I mean - it's a busy time. We're all busy.
And then I supposed I was losing my enthusiasm for the writing of it.

Getting The Tree is something I enjoy to the tips of my toes.

It fills me up with a particular kind of magic and sentiment.

We go to the same place every year, of course. I imagine one year soon we'll switch to four pairs of snow shoes, the hand-saw, and a permit signed by the forest service (replacing our tree with young treelings, of course), but for now we're very happy with the podunk -and beautiful- sign of Robinson Tree Farms From Kalispell Montana.

We always go at night. No reason, other than it just started out that way a hundred years ago, and we stuck with it. I tried to get us out a little earlier this year so I could get some photographs that weren't so typically blurry, but no. It didn't happen.

That's alright.


We go straight in, smiling and saying a friendly hello to the men gathered 'round the fire. Mama wonders how she can get pictures of the fire and metal creation decorated with the bottle caps and warming gloves without the men getting uncomfortable with a camera twelve inches from them. In the end we all just turn left-- we know just where they keep the Old Fashioned's.

This year was especially fine - it's hard to look for trees when you're wearing anything less than your warmest winter coat. Trees are best found when wearing mittens and hats and scarves. When the snow is sparkling like diamonds out over the field.
That's when the magic seems the best, to me.


and wonder.

Eventually we all agree upon The Very Best One.

It has occurred to me today (as I noted this morning my loss of enthusiasm of writing The Tree's Story) that it's easy to let things - Joy - just fall away.
That doesn't mean that the Joy wasn't there in the first place, of course, it only means that it's easy to let it go and look to the next one.
And if there is one thing noticeable on these pages - I hope - it is that I am aaaalllll about recognizing and loving the Joy.

So here I am.
Enchanted once again by a night a week ago.

Thinking how appropriate and indicative this story is.

Like all of the other stories on these pages, it's just a story.
A story of an hour or so in the snow, hmm?

These pages are -this life is - not made up of constant extraordinary moments.
It is (perhaps) not the life itself that shines as extraordinary,
but rather it's a matter of our celebrating this life.


Being charmed

and romanced

and swept up

and lulled and awed and enamored.

I have remembered that important something this morning.

And I will keep telling the stories.


  1. I so look forward to your posts so I am so glad you shared :) amidst all the busy-ness!!

  2., so true...i shall have to remember that myself.

    i LOVE those photos of your tree-choosing....what magic there!!

  3. I am not sure why but you made me all teary eyed. Also, you made me get eat,pray,love. What to do with you, and this touching writing...

  4. I know what you mean about saving something only to lose the original enthusiasm. I'm glad you found the Joy of that moment again by finally posting about it. :)

    We always get our tree at night, too, just works out that way. There's never snow (the boys pray for it every year!), but it's cold, and the lights are dim, and we have to feel around in the dark with our gloves on (and peppermint mochas in hand) to find the perfect tree. SO FUN!!

  5. Beautiful. Magical. There is nothing better than this.

  6. such a beautiful, beautiful post from beginning to end!

  7. Utterly amazing... Obviously beautiful and just lovely... I just don't think I could survive in your climate!!! And I would spend half the year tucked away indoors - way indoors!!! From a part of the world where rain stumps us, I kid you not - our house isn't even that rain proof!!! I just couldn't survive snow... And all that snow... So much snow!!! I was so relieved to see you all back indoors and decorating contentedly!!! Lots of love from your wimpy friend!!!

  8. I love your rose ornament :) Thanks for sharing your tree story! :)

  9. Definitey wonderful! Sometimes I think we don't feel joy at the time but later it hits us how really joyous something was. I remember reading your tree posts from previous years - I love your tradition. We are getting ours from the woods today.....excited we are!

  10. Much like MamaK, I too was all choked up reading this beautiful post. I completely agree with what you said about joy and celebrating this incredible life. 2010 has brought with it some really, really hard parts yet it was finding the joy in our day to day rhythm and life that was able to bring us through it. Thank you, Stephanie, for your fabulous blog, and the joy that it brings and inspires.

  11. I am swept up in the beauty of this tree post - went back to read it again, and marvel at the magic and yes, the joy too!

    Someday we'll be able to host a real tree in our livingroom again but for now, for safety, we've got our little winston pine, from the box that lights up and keeps Christmas in our hearts :0)

  12. I am gonna go back to our photos of last years holiday joy and relive the moments this morning. Thanks for always inspiring!

  13. I love getting our tree when it is snowing. For some reason it makes it all that more special. Love that photograph of the snow coming down on all the heavily snowed on trees. Beautiful!

  14. Thanks for all the love words, everyone. I appreciate all of you and the friendship you offer me.


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