Saturday, December 11, 2010


Have you noticed that time is passing?

Town with Airport

"I'm gonna sit here and do some equations I've been wondering about." says He.


Friend Love for Mama
(on the phone for days a while.
I really have no idea what the babes were doing During This Time.
'Cept... there was something 'bout Godzilla and string...)

Tea Party.
"Mom! Remember you're invited!!"
"Oh... okay. Just a minute!" she hollers back.

Grabs camera, grabs something else,
shows up at Tea.

"You forgot the money."
"What? You're charging me for coming to your party?"
"Yeah. It's one dollar."
"Okay," her Mama says, "I'll be back."
busy, busy...
"Hurry! Bring the Two dollars!!!"
"What!?! Two!?"


[eating soup]
"My Dahling..." she says..."Would you speak in a normal voice, please?"
"Like this?" Her mama says in an After The Party Is Over voice.
"No, Dahling," she says, "Like this. It's better for The Kingdom."
I like two hour Fancy Dress Ups With Tea pretty well-ly.

Or... Music Chaos. Whatever.

Daddy's home!
Oh, good.

More music time. For Dad.
Wow that sounds good at full volume from four rooms away! :)

Trampoline play.
er - the outside trampoline.

The storyteller is tired now.
I'm going to hurry and fall asleep while they're still rumpus-ing outside.
'Night, then.



  1. Love that she charged you to come her her tea party. :)

    Are those rubber stamps that Maddie is creating with? They look fun.

    Sounds like a lovely day. xoxo

  2. Sounds like Maddie is such a sweet and fun little girl.

  3. If you ever want to move to WI, we will find you a house near us. AWESOME day, awesome life. Thanks for sharing as always!

  4. Love. :) And yes, time is flying!

  5. 'It's better for The Kingdom' heehee! love it :)

  6. Time certainly is passing by....very quickly.
    The tea party sounds lovely.


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