Tuesday, December 21, 2010


certainly we're not far, now!

Maddie and I made bird seed cookies, so that we might deliver some to our wild friends for Solstice.

we made it to see Santa.

these pictures are totally appropriate, as they demonstrate exactly how it went.
Trev sat down and went in to his memorized speech - along with a relieved "At the last minute I remembered ScoobyDoo, so I told him about that, too...." he actually only asked for How To Train Your Dragon for the wii, ScoobyDoo and the Spooky Swamp, and told Santa that he's really into Godzilla, Toho toys right now. so if he could surprise him with something.....
(Hmmm.... that's all he's mentioned to me this year, too - I hope we did alright.)

Maddie remembered to ask for Baby Alive, and if he could bring a few surprises....

to the bookstore.
love that.

and to the luxe toy store.
(no luck there, either. he's just outgrowing most toys, sigh.)

home again, home again...

and now it's Solstice.

but more on that later.


  1. It is nice to see big kids like Trevy at Santa's knee. Love it.

  2. My favorite place other than the library is the bookstore! Happy Solstice!

  3. I agree w/ Phyllis...I love to see Big Kid Trev! Every time I stress about my little kid turning into a Big Kid...seeing Trev makes me worry less. :)

    I love the pic of Maddie shying away from Santa--so cute!!

  4. I know that sigh all too well, when your children outgrow your favorite toy store...

    I love the expressions on their faces with Santa. So cute. I have no doubt you did "all right"...

    I love the idea of bird seed cookies - I'll have to look up a recipe - - - -

    Enjoy this most wonderful day friend! And all the best always!

  5. such great honest pictures of kids talking to santa; so much better than posed!


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