Monday, December 06, 2010

monday :

well, now. we're moving right along, aren't we?

the making of a book. it's called "Dinosaur Discovery". an' she did it All By Herself. her mama didna help even a little.


jumpstart world - with chocolate chip cookies and a red pepper


physics discovery.
Madd had this little tiny ball that she tossed onto a balloon - soon we had transfers of energy happening all over the kitchen. :). cool.

snowcones. it's trev's "day at home" today. his list consisted of snowcones, pizza, family movie, godzilla, rice crispie treats, twister....

magic rainbows.

geo blocks.

blue sparkly lippy gloss for Mama.

a pretty pink for Baby.



dinner prep

and Daddy time

and Eat!

and play

and research
and ideas
and research
and stories
and research

and bath

and warm

and tired




  1. lol. I get the collapse part, I really do.

    What a great day! Tell Maddie I think her book looks terrific, and snowcones on a snowy day... well, that's just genius.

  2. We plan to do mandalas today, too. What do you mean "Trev's Day at Home"...where is he usually?

  3. I wondered if I should explain that... I was just so tired last night. :)

    One of our activities in the advent calendar was "at home" days... they each got a day where they chose what we did all day long.
    Anything - breakfasts and dinner, what we played, whatever they wanted.

  4. Hee! I guessed that Trev's Day was exactly that!

    That's a lovely idea, and one that I should implement, although I'm a little worried about what my two year old would choose.

  5. Kelly - mmm, that's why it was an "at home" day. :) Can't get in too much trouble.


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