Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Lists

I've got them finalized.
. :)

I've gone back and forth about putting these up, but I thought maybe something on here might remind someone else (or give an idea) of something.
So here they are!

* * * Trev * * *

Santa ~
Mr. Potato Head (mustache accessories)
Mrs. Potato head
ScoobyDoo and the Spooky Swamp (wii)
Yo Baby Kick Flipper (with video)
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (book 2)

~ Mama and Dad ~
Citiblocs (specifically, this set of 200 - he's constantly building cities for Godzilla play - I think they'll be a big hit.)
a Venus Flytrap
Encyclopedia of Immaturity (so, so glad to have found this.)
Space Godzilla (godzilla creature)
Rodan (godzilla creature)
skate helmet (his is too small)
Penny T's (Mama's making them- Poodle Juice, Pudding Patrol, Uncle Female, Peanut Butter Love, Pump Up That Fruit)

~ Solstice ~
Rampage (wii)

* * * Madeleine * * *

Baby Alive (er, the one that poos. Fascinated is she.)
doll outfits
art supplies?? from Discount School Supply - don't know what, yet, if anything.

~Mama and Daddy~
Pizza Party (Melissa and Doug)
Birthday Party (Melissa and Doug)
horse puzzle
States puzzle
doll clothes
barbie blankets and pillows (Mama made)
Baby Alive food (Mama made)
cloth diapers for babies (Mama made)
paper pads
Christmas jammies
tea aprons

dress-up clothes
Polydrons (this set and this set - thanks so much, Tara, for the idea!!)

The only other ideas are a new guitar (ours was broken - : ( - and some games. Lost Cities is one that we'll be given as a family. It's on lots of awards lists. Here's a group of lists, if you're interested in finding interesting games.)

So exciting!....


  1. I LOVED my Baby Alive that ate and drank and peed and pood!.... I made my sister change the diapers! bwahahaha! :D

  2. As a child, I always wanted a Baby Alive. This year will be a real train set, a doll and a truck.

  3. Such great lists. I bet Isaac would enjoy the Baby Alive doll too. Perhaps it would teach him that it's okay to poop - (currently he's playing with control, by holding it. Egads, I hope this passes soon. It's NOT good for my sanity.) xo

  4. You gave me a couple ideas (bike helmet for Damek and Mr. Potato head accessories for Kyan) Thanks!

    We also ordered some polydrons not sure if they'll be for Kyan or both.

  5. We are getting some polydrons too - very fun!

  6. We LOVE the melissa and doug sets- we have the cupcake set and Grandma E is giving the ice cream set for christmas!

    Great lists! Sounds like Christmas will be super exciting!!!!

  7. Why oh why have I never heard of Citiblocs. I clicked on the link and now really wish I had found these before now!

    Still, it's Eb's birthday on the 7th long as the snow holds off I should get them in time.

    We're getting mancala (!) more legos, a paper making kit and a tap-tap art set for the littlest.


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