Saturday, December 18, 2010

the last week. [and] it's only six and a half, now.

one could certainly say that "the usual" is going on around here.
well - with "the usual" being the understanding that we've now passed the One Week mark before Christmas.

so, so much, hmm?
there's the cold.
and the glitter. uh - that would be the literal (kid, crafty) glitter, friends - not the hobnobbing, best dress, tame your dreads, sans kids, fancy wine glasses and white linen sort of glitter...
and the winter-time glasses of wine
and the lunching--only in order to refuel and think and cross things off your list in the late afternoon.
there's the teeheeing that comes with excitement and glee and being so excited to shower the Beloveds
and thread. Surely everyone is intimately familiar with thread, this time of year?
squishy packages of luscious wool socks. (Claiming: I will learn to knit before this time next year. Handmade, heavenly wool socks for everyone!! dammit.)
and peppermint bark.
and white chocolate covered pretzels - er, that have all been eaten before they even made it near the neighbor's plates.
there's The Lists,
and the checking things twice,
and the additions,
and the "oooh's, but I forgot this",
and the "Dang!, I didn't plan to spend that much on that...."
and the "Wait, just one more present for my lovely friend..."
and Bing and Perry and Elvis and Nat and Lou croonin' through the house from the kitchen counter
and "Can I open a present, Mama? Pleeeeeeease? How 'bout two?"
and rum-pum-pum-pumming
and flannel nighties that are worn all day
and scissors and tape and tape and tape
and four new rolls of pretty paper (but it's so pretty)
and new boots that cost waaay too much and are are s'posed to be for a Solstice present
and boutique shopping
and rooms only lit by the magic of the Yule tree lights
and new fleece things
and tinkling things
and picking out new Santa jammies to be opened on Christmas Eve
and eggnog
and two-day shipping
and thoughts of homemade pralines and butter toffee
and french milky soaps
and promised snowflakes
and family time

and oh.

you know just what I mean, don't you?

:) I do love this wonderful life we've been given,
indeed I do.


  1. I know exactly what you's divine. xoxo

  2. i trust that i will know what you mean next year :)

  3. Love your post. There is much to be said about wearing your jammies all day (we're big fans). We also get new jammies for Christmas Eve. I've done it for a couple of years but it seems to be immensely popular and the kids really get into selecting theirs. Merry Christmas to you and your family from our WV family.

  4. You forgot the swearing. Or that may just be at my house.

  5. Just totally love this post - you have the brilliant knack of summing things up so well!!!

  6. What a gift you are - to your beloved family ... yes. But to your dear readers as well. I can now say quite assuredly that the spirit of the season has filled me up after reading this post!!!

    Bountiful blessings to you :0)

  7. Yes, know just what you mean. Delicious!

  8. I am new to your blog having stalked you from your comment on mine a couple of weeks ago. I am so excited to find another cool Mama homeschooling and finding the positive every day. It's good to met you, Stephanie,and I will be reading your back posts over the festive season.

  9. and oh, indeed :-)

    That's my kind of list, including the socks. (I have some kind of terror of 5 needles at once)

    I just need to add - get extra twinkly lights for our tree. Not enough twinkling for me at the moment.

  10. Yes I do know what you mean. :)

    I was talking to my kids about their favorite Christmas traditions (so it can feel Just Right, you know?) and two of them said how they love the tradition of opening one present before bedtime. I thought, "Crap!" because their presents are all purchased/made, wrapped and under the tree... and money is tight. Ahhh. I found something. I hope that they will be happy with it. :) But I have a GREAT idea for next year's night-before-Christmas present!! ;)

  11. A wonderful post, indeed!

    I'm thinking about learning to knit. I'd love to give Michael & Benjamin hand-knit goodies for Solstice next year!

    I wonder if 2011 will be the year?

    And everything else...oh, yes, I DO know what you mean! Love & warm hugs to you all...

  12. By far my favorite post you've ever done. You are my favorite blogger in the whole bloggy world. Solstice blessings to you and yours. Oh, and I keep meaning to mention to you a few things I thought your kids may enjoy- the main one being this book I found on Amazon called Wreck This Journal. It's going to be under our tree this year. Seems like something your kiddos might enjoy.


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