Thursday, December 09, 2010

just thursday


tidying up

creating music

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
yeah - there's been a lot of "world according to wimpy kid" going about in our house, lately.

St. Nicholas

George Washington came in the mail
(got an extra one for you, too)



balloon bobbing

Godzilla wrestling

Hanukkah for kids

balloon mania on the trampoline
(aah, no snow on the tramp)

tangram cutting for Mama
(used Big Brain Academy pieces for this one - used the tangram pieces as templates to make foam pieces, and snatched the cards from the game for our challenges)

tangrams were next, of course...

netflix movies

more tangram puzzles


all of it totally different than any kind of plan,
and all of it totally okay.

what's up for tomorrow, I wonder?


  1. Sounds like a very fun day :)

    Nomad Press rocks, they have the *best* books! Have fun with GW.

  2. I always find it fascinating how the day unfolds so much differently than how I thought it might. Maybe I should call it tangent-schooling. Break-dancing, very fun!


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