Saturday, December 11, 2010

friday : sprinklings

I walked downstairs yesterday and I found this brilliant, looooooong string of parquetry blocks, set up in a beautiful rainbow.
A lovely start to my day, that sprinkling of magic.

Outside it was dark gray and rained most of the day - inside our home was very different.

Color, color everywhere.

Tangrams have whirled into our lives.
It makes perfect sense, as parquetry pals, puzzles, and pattern blocks have been favorites for ages.

It sounds so simple and silly, I know,
but I just love this life filled with Play.

I love that I can be wondering how to jazz things up, and then I get distracted by a few pieces of cardboard out of a game, and so stop what I'm doing to cut tans out of foam.

I love that they spend the night on the coffee table after playing with them, and in the morning they're picked up again eagerly.

I love that tangram play of course leads to making dinosaurs.

And that pattern blocks lead to drawing beautiful pictures for a Cousin.

And that naturally thoughts of Cousins leads to picking out the pieces of Utah and Maine first, and placing them in the puzzle.

And I love listening to a babe say, "So if we go to visit, we have to go from where we are, here, aaaaaaaallllllllll the way across, up to Maine."

Sprinkles of magic for the babes,
sprinkles of magic for me.

Life is good.


  1. Blessings and light to you and your babes!

  2. Would you look at that darling daughter!!!

  3. Gloves and hats are definitely the best dress up accessories...

  4. A visit to Maine? That's the BEST idea I have ever heard!!!

  5. Ah yes, we all need sprinkles of magic!


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