Wednesday, December 22, 2010

december twenty-two.

do I say every day, "almost there!"?

but we really are.
I realize not everyone's world is revolving around december 25th right now, but it's surely on my mind of late.
come four or five days from now, it will be all about quiet and still and the long, slow winter.... but that's forever away, today.

so I'm thinking things like "I want the house totally clean for Christmas." For once. :)
and "I really gotta get the carpet cleaner to that spot there."
and "how's our list? have we done all the things we most wanted to do?"

and the babes want to go ice skating.
and make involved presents for the Beloveds.
and have fancy teas.

but you know all about those things, don't you? because you have Little Children with Big Ideas, too.

today i found myself sighing and running my hands over textiles and textures.

so much deliciousness.

a feast, surely!

the next eight-five hours were dedicated to poodle juice, uncle female, pudding patrol, and peanut butter love.
thanks so much, julie!

and there was measuring things.


- the regular kind,
as well as the extremely unusual--Donald Trumps hair.

it's true. we did.

a ScoobyDoo movie.

dinnner has been eaten and there is whooping, giggles, and screeching in the next room.

apparently, all is well, here.

just two.

'til tomorrow, then.


  1. Merry-almost-Christmas!! :)

  2. Love the ornaments, a superhero princess - what could be better?

    Wonderful gifts for the feathery and furry friends outdoors too - great ideas.

    And really, wouldn't be be better to clean *after* Christmas when all the wrap and packaging from Solstice and Christmas have been recycled? (that's my story and I'm sticking to it) lol

    Enjoy your two days, and all the days thereafter....

  3. And if your life is like mine, the clean house and baking gets pushed to the side for gift making and wrapping by the kiddos (and re-wrapping after bedtime by the adults!).

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh how I love those kid-woven pot holders...

  5. I need another week! I guess I work well under pressure because this happens year after year. I get all my good ideas 5 days before christmas:)

    Your welcome!

  6. Love the hair! And the loom. And I agree with Penny - much better to clean *after* Christmas. :-)

  7. My oldest woke up this morning and said she wanted to sew pillowcases for everyone in our family and beyond. Oh boy, big ideas for sure!! Needless to say, we made two, so there will be two lucky recipients. Happy puddle stomping/ice skating and so glad to see you got to sit down and have tea. Merry Christmas!!



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